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Lesson Plans

Does school really have to start tomorrow?!

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 19:37:51 -0800

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Heyyyy, there! Sooooo, you got in touch with your "inner center" this past
week? I'm SURE California has something similar to this!!!!! We are so
"centered" here we walk around in circles so we can stay in touch with
ourselves!! Hee, hee!!!
And you thought we were just strange! Yes, let me know more about this
seminar and what it is called in CA. Hope you plan to tape that show and
send me a copy if you are on it!!'re a MOVIE STAR!!!!!

Yep! You sure can ramble....and so can I. We had a super weekend that was
entirely too short. I had a great partner to go with but you would have
been the best! Wish we could do that one day....maybe someday a national
one! Do you know where the national one will be NEXT year?

I got some written stuff I can send...not much... and I took some pictures
of projects. My friend does the yearbook at her school and so we missed the
first two days of a 3-day convention because she couldn't get away til
then. Bummer!
Anyway, saw 4 workshops: (1) Mult. intell. on drawing techniques and some
Betty Edward's techniques and new ones also. Was interesting and on the
high school level which I liked (2) Art through emotions - teaching
non-objective and abstraction through emotions - SUPER, SUPER presenter and
I have a great write-up from him to send were from his class
(3) Old Dog-New Tricks...for (very) experienced art teachers...we sat
around table (25 people) and discussed unique teaching tips we keep
secret...good but took a long time to get started...Learned about using
serrated knife to cut carton cardboard...guess I'm the only one who didn't
know that tip (4) I like #1 so much, I went back to see him again! He's
happily married, darn, but a great teacher who teaching in the middle of
absolutely Nowhere, California! All the ladies fell in love with him and
he's not even that good lookin'! Met two other new gentlemen art teachers
also and I'm startin' to get the feeling maybe I might want to think about
dating again....just starting to think, mind you!

Went to an Indian restaurant Sat. night and, oh boy, what an exciting time
THAT was eatin' things that all but moved on my plate! Lots of new, strange
taste sensations! Had Thai food that day for lunch so my stomach was doing
flips when I got back to the hotel last night. Didn't get sick but today I
have strange sore spots all over my body and places hurt to touch. Does
that make sense? Ha!

You know...the funniest thing occurred. When I first went to the
registration desk when we checked in, I asked about a few people on the
listserv I knew were coming to see if they'd checked in. They wouldn't give
me the room # which I expected but said I could leave a message on their
answering machines. All of a sudden, I decided NOT to get in touch with
them! I like the idea of no one knowing what I look like or what I'm like
in person on the internet. The mystery is more exciting. When I first got
your picture, I suddenly realized you were a real human being and talking
with you just after that was "different". When you responded in the very
same way you had before the picture, everything became okay again! I know
all this sounds eerie and hard to explain. Quess I shouldn't have even
tried except maybe it explains what I felt like at the registration desk
Friday evening. Anyway, I never got in touch with any one we've been
talking to here!...AND I'm glad you sent your picture and I plan to send
you one of me when I lose 20 more llbs.!

Have a great that you're "centered" and you can go into your
"trance" when those middle schoolers start their normal shananigans! Lucky

Bye, bye.......

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526
sch.# 510-552-5620

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