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Re: Help!mural project gr5/6

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Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:53:27 -0500

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<< Use a large piece of paper the size of the finished
mural and grid it off the size of the tiles. Have the students draw
their finished fish and seaweed on it. Transfer the lines to the tiles
and apply the underglazes then a clear on top. Fire tiles and install. >>

Another added step which really helped when I did this very same project, was
to seat the students in the order of their tiles and to have some
commonalities between tiles... ie, the fish head is on my tile, the rest of
the body is on the tile belonging to the person on my left/right. Otherwise,
I found students keeping exclusively in "my tile" and the resultant mural
looked like a patchwork... it didn't flow together.

The mural I did was one of an annual street fair (Salmon Days) which happens
in our city once a year when the salmon return up the creeks. I had 3
tryptichs of butcher paper, each gridded out. In order to have the 3 panels
work together, I first drew in an arching bridge over the creek, that
connected all 3. Students who wanted to draw fish, swimmers, toy boats, etc,
sat under the bridge. We had people on the bridge, in the sky, as street
venders, fair-goers, balloons, clowns... you name it! There was no shortage
of subject matter. We did discuss perspective before hand so people further
down the panel were drawn somewhat larger.... The mural catches everyone's
eye and it continues to be fun to find all the little hidden things the
students included.
Good luck!

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