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Re: College courses vs reality

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Tue, 12 Nov 1996 19:38:25 -0500

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In a message dated 96-11-11 18:40:37 EST, jyoung (Jeff Young)

<< I don't think all professors are this way though. I just started
teaching at the University level this year after 13 years of
public school art classroom experience. I hope I don't become out of
touch with the reality of the classroom experience. I think at
present it's my strongest suit.


Y'know, I think my experience with professors of education is a little
different. Particularly as it applies to graduate studies, but also to
undergrad courses to some degree as well.. I didn't go back to school to get
a lot of input from professors about the "real world" or classroom
experience. I have that. But my first hand, practical experience is limited
and narrow because of the fact that it is mine and mine alone. I work every
day. I am close to it, to the kids, to the other staff members, to parents...
What I lacked, and what the university offered, was theory, philosophy, big
ideas, grand schemes... I didn't have to buy the whole thing. I could pick
and choose. I could see what made sense when measured against my own
experience...but my own experience, even as I stood back and reflected on it,
lacked something bigger. The professors had the thing I needed and so I was
willing to put up with their goofyness, their sometimes failure to have their
ideas developed through practice. Was a lot of their stuff useless? Sure.
Did some of it make no sense at all? Absolutely. But lots of it was
facinating and useful and thought provoking and I loved being there.


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