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intensified (block) scheduling

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Sandra L. Eckert (seart)
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 15:48:10 -0500 (EST)

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Dear Frank,
My school is on their second year of intensified scheduling. I love it.
Other teachers (Math, Social Studies) do not. Here are your answers, from a
ninety minute per class, small high school's perspective:

1. Does it really work?
For art at this level, yes. I love it. The higher level classes
are especially good. The kids get so much more "into" their work. Just
think...half the clean-ups equals more work time!

2. Do the students focus well enough to warrant the time?
Most do. ADD students have some trouble. It is important to vary
instructional modes...break it up. Let them get up once in awhile, if only
to get a sheet of paper or do an in-process observation (a "drive-by" critique)

3. What happens with students who are absent for several days?
They must be made aware of their responsibility to keep up with work
early on...I send a letter home that includes my number, the school's
number, and the suggestion that they use the "buddy system" for assignments
and notes. I state clearly that it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to make
up the work. Parents must sign it and it must be returned to me. It helps.
Most of them make up the work at home. Things that I MUST actually show
them, though, I how to light the acetaline torch...etc. I use a
lot of peer-coaching, a "one room schoolhouse" approach. Those that master
skills help their classmates learn the same skills...but everyone does their
own art work.

4. Is make-up a problem?
Not usually (see above).

5. Do you use more materials with the extended time?
ABSOLUTELY! Tell your principal RIGHT AWAY! More production time
(because of less clean-up), equals more materials consumed (and, thankfully,
more learning).

6. Do you cover more or less or the same amount of material?
I have found that it can go either way...I can either cover more
(variety) material, or go into more depth with the same or similar material.

7. Does it change the budget considerations for supplies at all?
Of course. See number 5! We have an art fee for our classes. We
raised it slightly, which helped.

I hope this helps you.


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