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Re: Great Music!! What do you like??

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Fri, 8 Nov 1996 10:52:46 -0500

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<< I love world music and play a
>lot of it. Offra Haza, Celtic, etc. Lets hear from you--what moves ya!!
>Teri Brudnak >>

Bunki and Teri,
I'm into ethnic stuff.... when doing a particular country, I try to find
music from there and play it in the back ground.... and I particularly like
Peruvian music from the Andes (Sajama and Inkuru) and Gregorian and or
Russian Liturgical chant (if the others only knew... OH NO! RELIGION IN THE
PUBLIC CLASSROOM!!!!!!!!!) and then there's a YoYo Ma CD I play pretty often
and some Jazz.... Best of Ella, Chet Baker, Harry Connick Jr's "Roach
Souffle", and the Best of the Blue Note'... Like you said Bunki, the music
sets the mood and there are some classrooms which need to provocation towards
the crazies with my jazz selections.............

I have a fellow teacher-friend who has a class for the gifted and she brought
in opera... the kids rebelled right away... but then she told them the story
of the opera and they wanted to hear particular parts (like this is when the
fat lady sings before she kills herself....this is when he found out he was
betrayed by the fat lady, etc) and she found the words to translate.... now
they love it and request certain operas... these are 3,4,5th graders... she
is an advocate of cultural she says, "certain things we should
know to be thoroughly educated and if I don't do it in an elementary setting,
who will? Kids should be exposed to everything in the classroom."

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