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Lesson Plans

Re: College courses vs reality

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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 18:46:16 -0500 (EST)

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On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Bunki Kramer wrote:

> Hi, Craig...following your train of thought and the others'....and not to
> put you on the spot....just what DO college teachers teach undergraduates
> these days? In the 60's I had such useless courses which served no purpose
> to me as of yet in my career as an art teacher. Most of my education came
> in the way of pure art courses. Education courses were a joke! Just why did
> I need to know what "so-in-so" did back in 1936 in the field of education?
> What I DID need to know was what kinds of lesson plans I needed in my "bag
> of tricks" and how was I going to introduce them, how was I going to assess
> students plus give them a grade, how to control 36 medium-sized yoyos in
> one room and clean everything and everyone up (!) in 5 mins., how middle
> school kids are entirely different from any other known species on the
> planet, how to make an administrator (and a custodian) my "friends", how to
> organize my classroom supplies, how to even ORDER supplies and be familiar
> with different products continuously, what to do with a troubled teen, how
> to be humorous and strict at the same time, how to arrange my room...just
> how to deal with everyday reality. That doesn't seem to be what is taught
> in college courses, sorry to say, don't seem to
> deal too well with REALITY. But they COULD!!!!!!!!,they COULD, they
> COULD!!!! By the way, where did you ever get the number 25 as the number of
> kids in a class? I have yet to have one of those small numbers in any of MY
> classes! I teach anywhere from 34 to 40 a class...6 classes a day. I know
> teachers who teach 50 or more! I'm not trying to give anyone here a bad
> time, please believe that, but I do tend to feel, once again, college
> doesn't deal well with reality! I wonder just how many "professors" get out
> of their college world and visit on a fairly regular basis normal classroom
> teaching in K12 and see what's REALLY happening out here!
> >From someone "out here".....
> PS...When I was hired, my principal had no CLUE as to what he had just
> acquired. I had been out of teaching for 15 years. It was just his dumb
> luck that he got one of the best teachers around...hee,hee!!
> Bunki Kramer
> Los Cerros Middle School
> 968 Blemer Road
> Danville, California 94526
> sch.# 510-552-5620

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