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Re: keeping track of posts

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Sandra L. Eckert (seart)
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 15:02:43 -0500 (EST)

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>Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 14:58:39
>To: ELENI53
>From: "Sandra L. Eckert" <seart>
>Subject: Re: keeping track of posts
>Do you all know that you can access any of the posts you want by going to
the ArtsEdNet website? I too, spent HOURS each week saving and categorizing
posts (what a resource!), but it has already been done for you! Here's the
URL, if you don't already know it:
>or just go to and follow the logical buttons.
What a timesaver!
>At 11:52 AM 11/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 96-11-05 22:04:10 EST, you write:
>><< Also, what does everybody do with their copies of this journal? Do
>> you put it all in a folder and let it grow? Do you save what you need
>> to word processing files or do you enjoy its emphemeral qualities and
>> read it and trash it when you are done? >>
>>At first I saved the posts that interested me so I could scan down and recall
>>info. Then it got so long that I went through them one at a time and
>>catagorized them by hand and topic in a notebook. I wrote the e-mail address
>>and name of the person and the "noted" version of the areas that interested
>>me. This is where I am now, I try to go through the messages each day and
>>erase the topic areas I'm not interested in first off (without even opening
>>the post), then one by one I read them, transfer info to my notebook and
>>erase the message. All the while wondering how long I can keep this up....
>>it's been about 2 weeks so far %-) <<as you can see I'm beginning to lose
>>it! 'Leni

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