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Lesson Plans

Re: Mexican Mask Trunk and Saving

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Christine Beth Johnson (chrbjohn)
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 08:20:16 -0500 (EST)

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I worked with several organization to devlop 11 "trunks" for teacher
check out on culture in the world they contained, flags, travel posters,
historical, cultural, and geographic materials, a video of an artsts from
that country interacting with USA students from our local( we used a Mi
Council for the Arts Grant to bring the ethno-artist to train students,
they apprenticed a locale artist with siilar skills(Gautemualian wever
with local weavers guild) . It also includes a video cassette of music, a
video and directions for a dance. A story book of stories form the
country at several different grade levels. It is working at many ages.
But perhaps a high school class would learn and enjoy creating a box for
others. It would certainly get them to understand DBAE concepts and
learn the import of the arts in a culture.
Christy Johnson

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 Toulouse95 wrote:

> Dear Jean,
> In a message dated 96-11-05 22:04:10 EST, you write:
> > Thanks to all who sent me info on Mexican Masks. I can't for the life
> > of me find the info about the place in Texas that has a traveling
> > trunk of mask stuff. If you have that info would you mind sending it
> > to me again
> This is what I saved on that topic from Walkup:
> The Art Museum of South Texas developed 2 Traveling Trunks with masks and
> lesson plans... although they most likely can't send the whole "trunk," they
> could probably snailmail/fax you copies of the lessons and info. Call Deborah
> Fullerton Ferrigno, Curator of Education, 512.884.3844.
> > Also, what does everybody do with their copies of this journal? Do
> > you put it all in a folder and let it grow? Do you save what you need
> > to word processing files or do you enjoy its emphemeral qualities and
> > read it and trash it when you are done?
> >
> I don't know about everyone else, but I save to word processing files what I
> think I might use by subject. I also save address of senders with it so I can
> ask questions later . Some of the info motivates me so I have just got to use
> it ASAP. It is amazing how applicable a lot of it is to current needs.
> I use Windows and have a folder set for School since my husband and I share
> the computer. Within that folder I have ones for grades, letters, lesson
> plans, etc. Within the plans folder I have folders for drawing, design,
> sculpture, etc. Within these I put and Online folder. When I get a chance, I
> dump files into appropriate places so I can easily find things. Tons of
> folders but it works for me.
> While on the subject of files, do any of you use Zip or similar drives? Need
> more HD room (familiar?) and those sound like a great idea but no one I know
> is really familiar with them, even people in hardware business. Any
> suggestions? I back up a lot since thinking of my HD crashing gives me
> nightmares. That souds like an easy alternative to a drawer full of disks.
> Good luck
> Mary Jane

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