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Re: Mexican Mask Trunk and Saving

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Wed, 6 Nov 1996 01:22:13 -0500

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Dear Jean,

In a message dated 96-11-05 22:04:10 EST, you write:

> Thanks to all who sent me info on Mexican Masks. I can't for the life
> of me find the info about the place in Texas that has a traveling
> trunk of mask stuff. If you have that info would you mind sending it
> to me again

This is what I saved on that topic from Walkup:

The Art Museum of South Texas developed 2 Traveling Trunks with masks and
lesson plans... although they most likely can't send the whole "trunk," they
could probably snailmail/fax you copies of the lessons and info. Call Deborah
Fullerton Ferrigno, Curator of Education, 512.884.3844.

> Also, what does everybody do with their copies of this journal? Do
> you put it all in a folder and let it grow? Do you save what you need
> to word processing files or do you enjoy its emphemeral qualities and
> read it and trash it when you are done?
I don't know about everyone else, but I save to word processing files what I
think I might use by subject. I also save address of senders with it so I can
ask questions later . Some of the info motivates me so I have just got to use
it ASAP. It is amazing how applicable a lot of it is to current needs.

I use Windows and have a folder set for School since my husband and I share
the computer. Within that folder I have ones for grades, letters, lesson
plans, etc. Within the plans folder I have folders for drawing, design,
sculpture, etc. Within these I put and Online folder. When I get a chance, I
dump files into appropriate places so I can easily find things. Tons of
folders but it works for me.

While on the subject of files, do any of you use Zip or similar drives? Need
more HD room (familiar?) and those sound like a great idea but no one I know
is really familiar with them, even people in hardware business. Any
suggestions? I back up a lot since thinking of my HD crashing gives me
nightmares. That souds like an easy alternative to a drawer full of disks.

Good luck
Mary Jane

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