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artists and art education bias

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craig roland (rol1851.EDU)
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 22:57:10 -0500

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In response to the exchange between Dale and Fred regarding art teacher

I cringe every time I hear someone blaming the poor quality of SOME art
teachers in schools on the training these people received in colleges and
universities. As a teacher educator, I am certainly concerned with the
kind of teaching CANDIDATES we graduate and admit that sometimes SOME
questionable teaching candidates make it through our programs. But, it
amazes me when I see a school hire someone who was given average to poor
evaluations/recommendations over someone who received stellar
evaluations/recommendations. I'm not trying to point the finger elsewhere
here...I'm just trying to say it isn't always the university program that
is in error.

As Fred wrote: ...snip..."The problems of teacher training and education,
(art education and otherwise) is a complicated matter, not to be solved by
what course one takes, or how many courses one takes."

I agree, the matter IS complicated. I also don't think its simply a matter
of taking more art courses (or more art ed courses for that matter). I
have seen a couple Post Bac (w/BFAs) and undergrad art ed students
(w/double majors in studio and art ed) in our art ed program lately who
certainly had the knowledge and skills of an "artist" but just couldn't cut
it in the classroom managing 25 kids or more...i.e., Those who can do,
can't necessarily teach!

Fred also wrote:

>But, how Dale, do you create a system that makes certain that it produces
>teachers who look at their lives as a "neverending road of learning and
>discovery?" Do you require a course, an area of research, a paper, a
>No program can guarantee this. So how is it done?

Good question. When (or if) you come up with this answer, do let me know.
I've been searching for it for several years now.


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