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Re: red and blue don't always make purple

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Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:52:06 -0500

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<< Although you've been searching for quality and consistency in paint to
color mixing, the plastic-type clays like Sculpey can also demonstrate color

mixing--just smoosh a little red and a little blue together between the
and violet should result. It's not paint, so I guess there are pros and
for using it for color theory primarily used in 2-D fashion, but it is
"hands on
color theory" if you're willing to do a 3-D color wheel--Just an idea,
I would love good quality and consistency in paints, too! >>

Here's an idea with the clay...... Find mat board that looks and feels like
velvet (black and darker colors work best. Have students moosh little clay
bits (after the colors have been mixed) into the matboard to color a picture.
It can be a lesson on Kitsch (ala Velvet Elvis) or a lesson on pointilism
and/or impressionism. And besides, it's fun! I've done this project a few
times and the kids love it and they turn out quite interesting believe it or


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