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Suggest Subjects for Mural

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Mon, 4 Nov 1996 23:30:46 -0500

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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for all of the marvelous suggestions I have gotten from this group
as you have helped others with their questions and problems. Now I have a
couple of my own and I know you right hemisphered folks will come up with
more excellent suggestions.

(1) The local nursing home administrators that my students and I have worked
with for several years have asked us to paint a mural for a wall of a group
room. So we can paint the mural at school, I plan on using 4 sheets of on
4x6 masonite to be bolted to the wall upon completion. When I have done
this before it worked well, we painted over the bolts after they were
mounted. On relatively small murals I cut the sheets puzzle fashion with a
jigsaw along key lines in the composition to minimize the seams. Since this
one will be larger, I am planning to hang the panels vertically, leaving 10
to 12 gaps between the sheets to emphasize the multi-paneled composition.

Do any of you have any suggestions for subject matter? The only requests were
that it be colorful. The only ideas I have come up with are so commonplace. I
wish we could do something that would really liven the place up. HELP! My
creative ideas are at an all-time low. Surely many of you have great ideas.
Please share!

(2) Also, the director and I are kicking around the idea of doing a smaller
pieces for the halls. There are a couple of days a year when 1/4 of the
pupils at our school are out for band contests and I think I can pull many of
my remaining students for a multi-houred session, possibly pairing a student
with a resident to paint joint compositions. I feel that using the same
format throughout will guarantee some unity to the display. We are not
necessarily concerned that the results be too aesthetic. Have any of you done
similar projects? Any suggestions?


Mary Jane Young
T. R. Miller High School
Brewton, AL

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