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re: motivation

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tgibbons (tgibbons)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 14:47:33 -0600

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I think that this is a problem that we all must struggle with...on a
daily basis in fact. I know my motivation and personal satisfaction vary
with the kind of day I've had. Sometimes I go home feeling pretty
useless after a particularly rough class or two! Here's an anecdote I
heard at an inservice,that I've found helpful.
There was a man who was busy sawing a log in half with a very dull
saw. Another man watching him struggle, asked..."Why don't you stop and
sharpen that saw?" The man replied..."I haven't got time!" Moral: If
he took the time to sharpen the saw, the task would actually take him
less overall time. We all need to take out some time for ourselves to
"sharpen the saw". Enjoy some time with friends, family, hobbies etc.
then come back refreshed to the task of teaching.
Its hard to find the time but it really makes a difference. One of my
favorite ways to do this, is to socialize with art collegues...each
spring I go to an art teacher retreat that helps me overcome annual
burnout, and in the fall there's always convention. Speaking of
which...Next weekend is the Texas art convention in San Antonio...Is
anybody else planning on going?...It would be fun to get to meet face to face!
p.s. This listserve has been fantastic for helping with the motivation problem!

Terry Gibbons

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