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Christine Beth Johnson (chrbjohn)
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 21:22:15 -0500 (EST)

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Dbae is a base learn It is afterall another thought to giving
expressesion of thought their most relevant meaning. If it takes only 1
way to get a a meaning that has depth for your students, then good.
Soemtimes it takes all 4 views to provide the needed light-bulb.
Heavens, if the proponents of DBAE felt we were held rigidly they would
shake. At the fiber of all art and its study is mutiple framing of the
world. Make the connectionwith your students. Share your excitment with
them. and hesitte not to rely on that foremost. Eisner is a guru of
mine. His recent stuff on cognition theory is exciting. its funny he
always loosens the wild thoughts in me. Different interpretation, or was
it the context I'm in, or the hisory he was in? :) Enjoy the week.
Christy Johnson

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996 TreeSeaArt wrote:

> Hey fellow arteders.... I am curious about Eisner and DBAE.
> I have heard criticism about the rigidity and lack of
> relevancy of DBAE programs in the attempt to redefine and legitimize the role
> of art in edu. I share in this crit from my limited experience and
> knowledge. I have
> heard that my definition of DBAE is narrow and that Eisner has changed over
> time and that the whole thing is used in such a variety of ways that one
> cannot use those old criticisms with any weight.
> I work in an inner
> city school with such a variety of needs in each classroom that I find myself
> remodifying my own lessons constantly and taking a very broad view of (how
> long is the lesson?) what I am going to include (reminds me of my Mom's
> explanation attempting to unite evolution and the Bible...the BROAD view of
> how long that seven days really was)...What I mean to say is in my college
> classes there was an attempt to include all 4 areas of studio, aesthetics,
> etc into each lesson..........I include them in my perspective (and more, but
> crit and aesthetics run together and its not my focus or starting point) but
> its a rare day that all truly happen well. Is it just me? Why should I
> worry about such a rigid criteria? Does anyone?
> I
> truly try to remain focused on what is effective and relevant to my students
> to experiencing and developing art from within and in gaining in a sense of
> identity and observation about this world in its relationships and certainly
> in assisting in the accessing of global art history and culture seen in its
> context in a kind of critical perspective...essentially clinging to the
> desire to somehow empower my students in whatever way that intersecting with,
> interacting with, inventing art can. I off base in seeing
> such a division between DBAE and me.....What about Eisner.....didn't he start
> all this? What's the history of the changes in this DBAE bandwagon.... I
> guess I'm so eclectic....I'd like to find out where we all
> meet.............................................later............Theresa

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