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[teacherartexchange] May you live in Peaceful Times


From: Judy Decker (judy.decker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Nov 06 2008 - 08:47:46 PST

Greetings Jan and All,

I am kind of a single issue gal... Which candidate was most likely to
bring peace?
I canvassed in my Obama T-Shirts (one of them Robert Indiana's HOPE),
my Obama pins, my Peace Dove (mother of pearl from the West Bank) AND
wore my cross necklace (on the outside of my shirt). I always wear my
cross necklace - a gift from my hubby 2000 Christmas. My husband
laughed at me - said I was quite a sight!

Before you "curse" America.... it would be beneficial to research the
source of your quote.

(copied from site)

'May you live in interesting times!'


May you experience much upheaval and trouble in your life. The clear
implication being that 'uninteresting times', of peace and
tranquility, are more life-enhancing.


While purporting to be a blessing, this is in fact a curse. It is
widely reported as being of ancient Chinese origin, but is likely to
be of recent and western origin, although it seems to be intended to
sound Chinese, in the 'Confucious he say' mould.

The earliest citation that has yet come to light is U-Turn, a sci-fi
short story by Duncan Munro (one of the pen names of Eric Frank
Russell), 1950:

"For centuries the Chinese used an ancient curse: 'May you live in
interesting times!' It isn't a curse any more. It's a blessing."

It may be that Russell coined the phrase himself or he may have heard
it elsewhere.

This truly will be interesting times for our country and our world
(meant as a blessing here). I have enjoyed reading the praises from
all over the world. Change will not happen over night. It will take
ALL of us. We will all indeed need to make some kind of sacrifice. I
came up with an idea for my church to do during Advent Season. I will
let you know if that works out.

Peace begins with you.

I did not "turn my back" on John McCain. I actually told folks that I
was pushing for McCain in the 2000 election. Of course, I still would
have voted for Gore - but I wanted it to be a Gore vs. McCain race.
And a friendly reminder to all digest users. Please delete the rest of
the digest when you post. An entire digest posts to the web including
all of our email addresses for email bots to harvest. I made two posts
yesterday - now my address is "out there" two more times.... Oh well.
I have asked the TeacherArtExchange Staff to find a way to bounce
digest posts back (so folks could edit their posts and re-post), but
the new software can't do that. Also remember to change the subject of
your post to one that matches your post.


Judy Decker

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