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RE: [teacherartexchange] Need Video/DVD Info-long reply


From: KPRS2 (kprs2_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 15:05:19 PST

Art Educators,
Do you have problems with Subs who don't follow your plans and have kids do
"whatever" they want in your classes.

I would take my students and sit them down and say that they disrespected
YOU by doing what they did. I am not so innocent to think that students
don't feel a bit freer when I am not there, but I can say with much
confidence that my students wouldn't do anything like that. In fact subs
like to sub in my room. But that said, I make sure to tell my kids from day
1, that what they do when I am not in the room, should be like when I am IN
the room. I train them to come in the room, get out their work, work, then
clean up. My worst class, the last period of my string of classes, has tried
my patience on many a days, but those students "police themselves" when I am
not there as well. They know the weak links in the class and prod them
along. For example in my Foundations class, the kids told one of the other
kids his work was a mess and he had better start over if he wanted a better
grade. I coo regularly outloud "oh, I love when peer pressure works", or if
they help each other and use correct vocabulary, etc, I am heard to say
"ohhhhhhhhh, I love it when you talk ART". I let them know that my room is
there studio as well as mine, but ultimately they are guests thanks to me.

Now for the subs. I would never want to sub. In our school we teachers do
sometime cover classes especially if they don't get subs. If I cover a class
that has sub plans, I get everyone in their seats, look them straight in the
eye and say "this is what you have to do and I will be collecting this at
the end of the period. I am ONLY taking attendance based on what you turn
it, and if you don't turn anything in, you will be considered a cut." Works
for me. I write the assignment on the board, and if they ask me if they can
work together in groups but hand individual work in, I say sure (at this
point I am happy there is no anarchy, and figure maybe they will still learn
something). I don't believe subs are adequately coached or trained on how to
handle classes or what to do with the sub plans. In our district you only
need 30 credits to sub,no teacher training. We do have permanent subs, but
they know the students because they continually sub in specific departments.
Perhaps you can request for the same sub over and over to get them trained
in your way of teaching with your students. Perhaps you can speak to your
principal about that specific sub and ask that you don't get them again.

As for videos, I don't show them because kids sleep and talk during them
(even when I'M there!) The disregard for quiet at movies and theaters is
unbelievable nowadays, and it spills into the classroom. Everyone seems to
think they are in their living room....but I digress......

The best sub plans I think are the ones that surprise kids. For example I
have them do a contour line of the sub, and promise high grades if I can
figure out WHICH sub they had that day. (they also must use a foreground,
midground and background, or I change it up a bit, with color, etc). Or I
have them redesign the school mascot, or design a t-shirt for their
class..those kinds of things. So they may not relate to what we are working
on, at least it is creative, and keeps them out of the sink/paint/brushes,
and they only need to use pencils and paper.

My point? Don't leave your students off the hook, they KNOW they got away
with doing inappropriate things in the studio.

San D

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