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[teacherartexchange] photo transfer


From: Pam Wellington (loveart_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 13:51:33 PST

Dear Camille,
I have copied just the transfer instructions for you below. The entire
lesson plan is on the website: Incredible Art Department

Hi Pam,

I must have missed the instructions on how to do this - can you re-post it?


Photocopy Transfer Process:

Select photographs that are clear and have good contrast.

Photocopy the photograph (enlarge or reduce if necessary)

Apply clear acrylic gloss medium to the surface of the canvas and to the
surface of the photocopy to be transferred.

Apply the photocopy to the canvas face down.

Using a fairly heavy piece of cardboard, rub the surface from the middle of
the image, out toward the edges. Excess medium will come out the edges.
Press gently and remove all excess glue from surface of canvas.

Rub the surface of the photocopy gently with fingers which have been
slightly moistened with a little water.

Wait for a few minutes - allow to dry.

Test the transfer by gently lifting the paper on a corner. If all of the
ink is on the canvas it has transferred. If some of the ink is still lifting
off onto the paper, stop and wait another few minutes and try again.

Gently lift and peel the paper off the canvas. A thin film of paper will
remain on the canvas.

Rub the surface gently with moistened fingers. The paper will begin to pill
off. Continue rubbing until all of the paper film is removed and the only
thing left on the surface is ink. The surface
will feel smooth and there will be no white film remaining.

You can choose to seal the surface with gloss medium, but it is not

Give your students a small photocopy and a piece of drawing paper and have
them practice transferring once before transferring to a canvas.

Any text or image that the student wants to be transferred without being
reversed, needs to copied onto a transparency and reversed. Reversed images
and backwards words will transfer right way around, just like any printing

Encourage students to stand to work.

When fingers get sore, an eraser will also work to remove paper from the

I use the photocopied photos as a ground surface or under painting for a
painting which will go on top.

Photocopies can be transferred onto almost any surface.

Tips from Pam:

You do not have to wait a whole day to peel. Depending upon how dry the
air is in the room you are working, it could be ready to peel in 5 minutes,
or as long as 30. Just very carefully pull up a corner that doesn't have
anything really important. If there is no ink left on the paper and the ink
is totally transferred onto the canvas, then you are ready to peel
everything. One reason I can think of for it taking so long to dry is
simply too much medium or too much water. Make sure you are squeegee-ing
the excess medium out. I use a plastic squeegee tool, but a piece of stiff
cardboard will work. Just GENTLY press from the center of the transfer out
to the edges to press out excess glue and swipe off with a damp sponge or
cloth. Make sure you are not adding water to the paper.

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