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Re: Teaching kids to center on the wheel


Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 07:24:24 PST

About the idea I had for teaching a sight impaired person to throw:

Hi Ann,
    I totally empathize with your vestibular/balance disorder. I had
vertigo for 3 months and dizziness for a year once in my life. I had to
teach while I had it. Could not quit It was the hardest year of my
life because it not only effected my
balance, it also seemed to effect my cognitive ability! I felt like a
zombie for a year. Thank goodness mine resolved on its own finally. As
a coincidence perhaps, I started taking allergy shots and it went away.
On the matter of the "Center for the Blind, they never called me back
about it, but they did call me to volunteer. Unfortunately, it was in a
filing closet. I really had no interest in doing that. It was as far
away from teaching someone to throw on a wheel as you could get, haha.
After that, I had another idea about using some of my skills to try to
help in another way. I love to read aloud to kids and have a real
talent for "voices." In fact, I would love to try out some day for
radio voices somehow, and I dream of being a voice for animation, but I
don't know if I'll ever follow up on it. But, my kids LOVE my funny
voices. I frequently use them to get their attention if I have to talk
to them too long and they start to "drift." It works like a charm.
Anyway, I wanted to read Dahl books on tape, James and the Giant Peach,
etc. At the taping for the blind place here, they told me that the book
has to be requested before they will let someone tape it. There went
that idea too. I was REALLY wanting to do something creative for other
people. THEN...just in time, I called Texas Children's Hospital to find
out if they would like to have a mural of Noah's Ark that my kids had
done. Within an hour, the lady in charge of children's art and display
there was in my classroom looking through our scrapbooks and telling me
that she really wanted tons of our work to be hung throughout the
hospital on permanent exhibition. Wow. Thus began a 5 year program
where each of my grade levels contributed either a mural, or each kid
did a painting, that went on permanent exhibit at TCH. They are all
over the hospital now, in frames, under glass, with little brass plaques
under them that have the kids names, my name, and our school's name.
Parents are always telling me how wonderful it is to see the art when
they are over there for stitches or worse. They say it is a wonderful
distraction. It was a fantastic experience for the kids. We filled the
place p, and art is in the hallways, clinics, lobbies, cafeterias, etc.
There are other schools represented as well. I am currently looking for
another place to "cheer up." I totally believe in the healing power of
art. We are going to do some giant digital photos for a children's
nutrition center. Just found out about that yesterday. They want
something like giant freaky veggies altered in some way or made surreal.
I have a new digital photo class starting next week, and they already
have a job, haha. My mom was recently in the hospital, and while she
was there, I took a stroll back through TCH which is next door to the
hospital she was in. It is so amazing to see how much work we actually
contributed over those 5 years. It warmed my heart. I highly recommend
this to anyone who wants to help their kids learn about the joy of
giving something that you love to someone else. Many times I saw kids
create their best masterpiece to date just to give it away. I
photographed it all and kids made cards with their images that they had
given away. Anyway, I am searching for another venue right now for
them. Happy Thanksgiving all....may your tummies be full, but your
hearts be fuller!

Linda Woods

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