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Re: EdLine, anyone?


Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 10:28:18 PST

<> wrote:
>>Our school is in the early stages of an affiliation with EdLine, so I don't>have a whole lot of insights or advice to offer.
>We're using the software for grade recording and attendance and I have a
>mixed review about that. Some of our teachers are very pleased with it and
>use the software for all of their grading--no longer using hardcopy
>gradebooks--but it's not practical for me because of the mixed level classes>that I have. While I teach 5 periods a day, I really teach 9 classes per day and it would be too cumbersome to set up 9 separate gradebooks with the>software. I'm required to use it for attendance, and that's been okay, and>we're also required to use it for the recording of grades (at the end of>each grading period) and for writing comments. It's been okay for that,>too, but so far no one at the school has pushed for this to be available>online.

Thanks, Sharon and Judy, for your replies. I'm a bit apprehensive, to say the least, because I suspect it might require that I change my individualized system of recording grades and assigning project point values. (Students contract for points according to the number of class periods they plan to use on a particular assignment and the depth to which they intend to pursue its challenges, concepts, etc.) I just cannot imagine my system fitting into a packaged grade reporting gizmo. Like you, Sharon, I teach many more "courses" than the number of periods.

I'd also be interested to read if anyone out there has been required to use Edline to make lesson plans and assignments available to parents, as well as individual assignment grades. Thanks again, J.

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