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Updated list of "must have prints"


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 09:49:36 PST

Dear Art Educators,

I have selected art prints from Shorewood in my first
list of "must haves". Now I have my Art Image
Publications in front of me and will give you some
additions/substitutions. Bunki - Bev Doolittle isn't
available with Art Image Publications, either - but
Calendar prints are certainly easy to find. There is
one out this year with many of my Doolittle favorites.
Mike - Matisse's Goldfish is not in Art Image
Publications either - but is available online. If I
don't give where to find print, it is a Shorewood
Print. Art Image Publication has some good sculpture
prints - so I will list those at the bottom.

Here is my list so far New ones added at the top):

Mary Cassatt - Woman with Dog(Shorewood) -The Sisters
(Art Image) -Young Mother Sewing (Art Image)
George Seurat - Sunday Afternoon on The Grand Jatte
(Art Image - Shorewood only has a study)
Edouard Manet - Boating (Art Image Publication)
Diego Valezquez - Las Meninas (Art Image)
Ben Shahn - Handball (Art Image)

Leonardo da Vinci- Mona Lisa (everyone has that image
somewhere)- or Last Supper (called "Ultima Cena" - Art
Image) - or both
Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night (all of you have that
one somewhere)- or a self portrait (Shorewood has
two)- or both - Wheatfields with Crows (print
available online)- Iris (is available through
Shorewood and Art Image both)
Johannes Vermeer - Milkmaid - Maler im Atelier (Art
Albrecht Durer -Self Portrait OR Young Hare
EL Greco - View of Toledo
Rembrandt Van Rijn - Self Portrait
Francisco Goya - Execution of the Rebels of the 3rd of
Jean Millet - The Gleaners - or L'Angelus (Art Image)
Claude Monet - Haystacks, '89 - or Waterlilies -
Bridge over Pool of Waterlilies (Art Image)
Pierre August Renoir - Luncheon of the Boating Party
Paul Cezanne - Still life or Landscape or Monte Ste.
Paul Gauguin - Woman with Mango- or When do you Marry?
Henri Rousseau - Virgin Forest or Surprised Storm - or
Exotic Landscape (Art Image)
Henri Matisse - The Purple Robe - or Beasts of the Sea
- or Goldfish (not available through Shorewood)- or
Sadness of the King (Art Image)
Wassily Kandinsky - Lines of Marks - or The White Dot
- or Several Cirlces (Art Image)
Paul Klee - The Goldfish - or Sinbad the Sailor - or
Around the Fish (Art Image)
George Rouault - The Old King
Piet Mondrian - Composition No. 2 - or Composiiotn
(Art Image) - or Broadway Boogie Woogie (Art Image)
Pablo Picasso - Portrait of a woman - or Guernica - or
Three Musician (Art Image)- or Weeping Woman (Art
Pablo Picasso - The Tradedy
Marc Chagall - I and the Village
Salvador Dali - Persistence of Memory
Joan Miro - People and Dog in Sun
Victor Vasarely - Tridem K - Zett (Art Image)
Edward Hicks - Peaceable Kingdom - (Art Image has a
different Peaceable Kingdom)
Winslow Homer - Snap the Whip - or Gulf Stream (Art
James McNeill Whistler - Arrangement in Grey and Black
Romare Bearden - She-Ba - or Carolina Shout - or
Stuart Davis - Combination Concrete
Charles Demuthe - Figure Five in Gold
Robert Indiana - The X 5
Jacob Lawrence - Marionettes - I like Builders series
but those are not available throught either catalog
Georgia O'Keeffe- RAanchos Church - or Pelvis with the
Distance - or Black Iris (Art Image)
Robert Rauschenberg - Retroactive 1
Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe - Self Portrait (Art
Andrew Wyeth - Christina's World - or Benny's
Jackson Pollock - Mural - or Grayed Rainbow (Art

Art Image Publications (there are others available. I
know I have left out multicultural examples here)

Pablo Picasso - Baboon and Young
Alexander Calder - Cow
Claes Oldenburg - Two Cheeseburgers
Edgar Degas - 14 Year old Dancer
Louise Nevelson - Sky Cathedral
George Segal - Girl in Doorway (I don't hink this is
available online,though)

Michelangelo Bonarotti - Pieta

Additional must have images - but NOT available in Art
Image or Shorewood (most from Linda Woods)

Sandy Skoglund - Radioactive Cats
Edvard Munch - The Scream
Grant Wood - American Gothic
Marcel Duchamps - Bicycle Wheel
Meret Oppenheimer - Object (fur lined teacup)
August Rodin - The Thinker (this is available in Take
5 sculpture prints)
Linda also recommends a Calder mobile.

Continue to add to our "must have" list. I think this
will be helpful to many. YES - there will be more than
25 but that is because everyone has their own opinion.
Michal, there is NO SUCH thing as 25 must have prints.
I have to be honest, I had some different ones than I
listed in my collection at school (I was fortunate to
have a very good Shorewood collection and in more
recent years, I purchased from Art Image
Publications...and then there were my many calendars).

Super Saturday folks....Don't dwell on this too much
now. I'll start looking for online images for these
next week (and will post my findings). I don't think
any of you are in a big rush for the test. If you
"need it now" - use the ones I already posted. I am
leaning to a True/False type of test - or matching
using the images. We'll see what I come up with.

Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Resources

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