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Re: Homeschooling


From: The Austin's (whest177_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 18:29:28 PST

MessageLawrence, I completely respect your comments, as well as your choice to homeschool. Some people are well equipped to homeschool, while others do their children a gross injustice. I have one student now who has been homeschooled his entire life. Now, as an 8th grader, his parents have decided it is too much work to homeschool him anymore. His social skills are atrocious! He tattles worse than my 1st graders, brags about impossible things (you know the type - they get to bragging so much that they are the only ones who believe their stories), and constantly sings songs such as "Rubber Ducky" repeatitively. He is a case of not having exposure to kids his age - he spent alot of time "babysitting" younger siblings. When you live as rural as some of my students do, there are no neighborhood kids to play with. Parents must make a conscious effort to place their child amongst their peers. Academically he is far behind. This is just my last experience with a home schooled child - most of my home schooled students have similiar stories. I do have a friend who home schools, and her children are wonderful. They are intelligent, well adjusted, involved in many activities. So my feelings are not against home schooling as a whole - just against those who don't do it properly. BTW - I did have a senior once who had been homeschooled her entire life. Her parents traveled extensively, and this girl was one of the most intelligent people I had ever met. When I discussed the Egyptian pyramids she was able to tell me how they felt because she had been there. She struggled with identifying with her peers - whe was much more comfortable conversing with the teachers which isolated her from her classmates.

My own children attend public school. To enroll my son as a Sophomore I paid $76 in book rental, $65 in workbooks, $83 in class fees, and another $12 in towel fees. This is just for his schooling, above and beyond the taxes I pay. His schooling is also funded by the state as long as he in enrolled in school on that magic date (I believe this year it was Sept. 24) - the school gained almost $4000 for his enrollment. He is active in football, wrestling, and track. To help fund these activities the parents have fundraisers, selling booster club shirts, etc, cake raffles, selling quilts, chili feeds, etc. Because of this my feelings on home schooled students participating in extra curricular activites are either to be enrolled even part time so the state will help fund the school OR the parent should pay additional fees. Public school is not free by any means. There's my .02 :-)