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Re: another survey-Homeschooling (only if you have time)


From: Grace Hall (gchall_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Nov 17 2003 - 08:49:23 PST

> What is your first reaction to the term home schooling? ( Do you think
> home schoolers are religious or political radicals?)

Homeschooling is one of my pet peeves. I don't think it's fair. It's not
fair to the teacher, to the student, or to the other students who come to
school on time, follow procedures, and particpate in class.

It's not fair to the teacher because he/she must prepare a separate lesson
for the homeschooler, one that the student can learn and understand, even tho
they are not present in the class. That can be nearly impossible in art,
because the home schooled student misses presentations and demonstrations on
techniques and media. So the teacher also must prepare assessments that take
all of this into consideration.

It's not fair to the student because they are missing out on SO much. Not
only the social aspects, but the cognitive stuff. They don't get to
particpate in discussions, hear questions that others ask and ask their own

Mostly it's not fair to the students who are not homeschooled because they
have to follow procedures, be there, do the homework, review for the test and
take the test. They have to come dressed appropriately, and come to school
on time. From the perspective of these students, the homeschooler has it

Homeschooling is a joke in our district. Any student who comes from our
district that is homeschooled is not prepared for college or the workforce.
The whole homeschool deal is nothing but lipservice here.

> Are you insulted by home schooling? Are you offended that what
> we do may be in question by the parent or student that wants
I'm not insulted by ignorace, especially if I never had a hand in making an

> Who do think home schools? and why?
In my community, the homeschoolers are students who cannot cut it in regular
education. They can't follow rules or procedures, they can't get their
behinds out of bed on time, and look for short cuts everywhere they go.
Homeschooling is a shortcut to a diploma.
> Do you think home schoolers have any district or state mandated
> requirements? Are you
> aware of any requirements?
In my district, I think there are mandates, but I don't think anyone is being
held accountable when the mandates aren't met.

> Should homeschoolers be allowed to to participate in
> curricular(classes) or extracurricular activities that the public
> school provides?

I think homeschoolers should be allowed to participate in extracurricular
activities. However in my district, you could offer it, but no one would
take you up on it.
> Why are the numbers of home schoolers increasing? (what needs
> are we not meeting?)

The numbers of homeschoolers is increasing in my district because of the "I
want something for nothing" attitude. Homeschooling is simply a shortcut
here. However, if it's increasing nation wide, I'm not sure of the reason.
> My local survey indicates that teachers think that the home schooled
> child misses out on the
> socialization aspect of attending school. Is this valid?
Yes I think this is a valid statement. Socialization is an important aspect
of school. School presents students with many real life situations that they
need to be equipped to deal with. Students need to be exposed to a variety
of cultures, different opinions, and learn to give and take. If students do
not learn to get along with each other in school, where will they learn it?