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RE: making ornaments -cinnamon (P.S for Bunki)


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Nov 16 2003 - 09:32:59 PST

Hi folks,

This may be a cute idea....but not cheap (smile). Have
you priced a cup of cinnamon lately? Basic recipe
takes one cup of cinnamon and one cup of applesause.
Wondering how many you could make from one batch? -
then how much would you need for 200?

BUT this IS a cute idea you could set up on your
classroom as a free time activity. I'd open the option
to making little teddy bears and animals too - get
more art content into it that way.

K Houston -- don't think I am being a *B* for
repsonding in this way... I am THRILLED that you
jumped right in there with sharing an idea. So many
are takers and do not contribute. You are on this list
to LEARN and are not afraid to share when you can.
Hats off to you (see - I told you I would read all of
your posts now).

For any lurker reading.... Last night I did a Google
search to get Bunki Kramer's web page address (at the
time that was quicker than finding it on my web
page...There was a reason for that -- always is
--smile). Anyways....This is what I found first -
Lurkers please read and take heart.

Now whenever I get frustrated with the list -- I can
just post this URL and folks will know where I am
coming from. I was silent for a couple of weeks
because I was tired of giving. Many emailed me offlist
and asked if I was OK (that was so sweet). Now if I am
silent for a spell -- you will all know I am just
tired of giving and need a break. I will never have a
need to vent to the list.

Blessings coming your way on this Sunday morning. I
did some Christmas shopping this weekend - I'm just
about done....No stress - no crowds - no grumpy sales
people - good selection of merchandise. So what if
hubby and son know what they are getting -- cause now
no after Christmas returns. I do have some returns to
make now - but did that on purpose. I bought more than
I needed so hubby could make some choices. Here is my
wish for all of you to make this holiday season as
stress free as possible. Christmas is only stressful
to us because we make it that way! Don't do it this
year. Tell youself - I am not going to be stressed out
by Christmas - and stick to it. If you feel stress -
examine what it is that is causing that stress and ask
yourself - "Is this something that I really have to
do?" Just how many decorations do you really have to
put up this year? Some of my Christams decorations are
up year round - I just tweak them at Christmas time.
We haven't done our lights outside for a number of
years (I certainly don't want my hubby to have holiday
sress). Have a chuckle on me folks -- Matt is home
this weekend...we had such a nice long talk about
religion - and the "church" (I won't labor on this


Judith Decker

P.S.for Bunki if you read this.... Bunki - put your
name somewhere prominent on your web site so it comes
up on first page Google. Right now it doesn't. Your
Getty post comes up and your lesson plans that are on
IAD (as well as my Art Teachers page)- but not your
site. All you would have to do is change it to read
Bunki Kramer, Art Teacher instead of Mrs. Kramer. More
folks will find your site that way. I always tell
folks the easiest way to find list members sites is to
enter their name in a Google search. If you don't want
to change the title page - put a meta tag on the site.
Put Bunki Kramer Middle School Art - Middle School Art
lessons as key words in the meta tag (your tech person
should be able to do that easily). Right now my own
site comes up just because I put my name in the title
of my site now for my home page. I haven't added meta
tags yet....that is still on my to do list.

P.P.S. for everyone who is reading. Incredible Art
Department is much more popular than the counters show
on the home pages....In October alone there were
nearly 170,000 visitors to the site! Princeton Online
is keeping track of all activity on the site. I have
all of the motivation I need now to keep going with
the sites. Just wanted to show my appreciation to all
who use the sites - keep clicking away! Save as much
info to file as you can. Don't depend on everything to
remain on the site forever. If an idea interests you,
save the html file along with one image. Make various
folders on your computer to save things. I WILL start
deleting the Files for Sharing folder when I get my
machine back. I'll repost everything before I delete
it to give you one more chance to save it.

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<> wrote:
> I make gingerbread men out of applesauce and
> cinnamon you mic to a dough
> consitency roll out cut and add a ribbon fast cheap
> and easy
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Judith Decker
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