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Re: setting up dark room (Joe A and Patty K too)


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Nov 16 2003 - 08:40:57 PST

(Joe and Patty - once I get my machine back I will
give this member your email addresses)

Dear K Houston,

This is interesting - many art teachers are losing
their jobs because on No Child Left Behind - and here
you are - you have become an art teacher because of
it. I am so glad your school has seen the importance
of an art program in this NCLB act. We talk -talk
-talk how art helps kids learn in other subjects...We
know this is true yet we have a hard time proving it
with solid facts/research. It is good your school
believes Visual Art is needed. Ohio has decided (a few
years ago) that visual art wasn't all that necesary in
middle school - Ohio now only requires kids to have a
fine art (music fits that bill in many schools -
including my former school).

Well...back to your question. I have LOTS of good
links on my site. Many tell you step by step how to
set up a dark room:
I would start with a brief history of photography
before you get into the processes...
Do some cool stuff with digital photography too.
One of my favorite history related ideas is fake
daguerreotypes. Take digital photo - manipulate colors
to sepia tone - print on transparency - spray paint
brown cardboard silver - frame transparency over the
silver painted cardboard. We made foil tooling frames
for ours. I have a sample of this but the look didn't
show up that well in my photo. It is not online yet.
This is an easy thing you can do whie you are research
more on how to do photography.

Your next project could be oatmeal container - or
coffee can container pin hole cameras. LOTS of good
infor online for this idea.
I have a doable printmaking/photo lesson idea that
would be doable too - except I don't remember how long
you need to put the image in the developing chemicals
or how long to expose the plate to light....I'll do
some checking on that.

I'm only on the computer a short time today (just
while hubby buys some supplies - then I have to give
him back his machine)...I'll write more later. I'll
give you some list members to "talk" to after I get my
machine back again.

Keep posting questions to the list. Now that I see
what situation you are in - I will always be here to
answer you. DO give your name in your next post. I
like to know who I am talking to. I'll answer more on
photo off list to you once I know who you are (either
tell me or reply to this to the
list with your name).


Judy Decker

--- ""
<> wrote:
> I have bought some items off of ebay to start a dark
> room with my 6th grade
> students have no idea what I am doing I am in the
> process of buying books
> and would appreciate any help or ideas on what books
> are must have or ideas
> on how to make this work I am not a trained artist
> but an elementary
> teacher who was put in the art room due to the no
> child lefgt behind act.
> I have survived through this site and know you can
> all help out thanks in
> advance
> Original Message:

Judith Decker
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