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RE: another survey-Homeschooling (only if you have time)


Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 17:19:20 PST

What is your first reaction to the term home schooling? ( Do you think home schoolers are religious or political radicals?) I'm sure some are both but there are many reasons to home school your kids. I find the descriptive word radical a bit insulting since I have friends who home school, so please forgive me. I live in a rural area and in most of the families that home school, one parent has a BA in education, a couple have an MA in education. Two have a Doctorate. Most enjoy their families, they travel and educate with hands on experiences. Some want to teach their children do build their knowledge based on the Bible as the foundation . Some see the violence in the schools and the disruptions that put a halt to learning for others and want no part of it. Most homeschoolers cover much more material then we do in the same time period. Some are political "radicals". I had one parent really lay into me at the county fair just because I'm a public school teacher. She said I'm part of the conspiracy? Hmmm One girl I know of is homeschooled because she is ADHD and the school setting is not for her. She is very, very talented in art and has a private tutor. She has had her own art show at galleries at the age 14.

              Are you insulted by home schooling? No Are you offended that what we do may be in question
             by the parent or student that wants homeshooling? No
             Who do think home schools? and why? See my above comments
            Do you think home schoolers have any district or state mandated requirements? Are you
            aware of any requirements? Yes they do have mandates. I never really looked into the requirements, but they must test out each year.
            Should homeschoolers be allowed to to participate in curricular(classes) or extracurricular
            activities that the public school provides? If you enroll part-time, I think two classes, you may participate in activities, otherwise no. Our district just voted on this 2 months ago. Our state is split in half on this issue. Several districts do allow Homeschoolers to be involved in extracurricular, with a fee. Others not at all.
            Why are the numbers of home schoolers increasing? (what needs are we not meeting?) Our State is remaining level.
           My local survey indicates that teachers think that the home schooled child misses out on the
           socialization aspect of attending school. Is this valid? I teach Sunday school to several homeschoolers. Some are socially immature, others are not. They do socialize with neighbors, and church friends.
        Can we embrace all alternatives to educating all children and, perhaps, disregard our notions of what we regard as tradition? Can we embrace all ways of education children? If it doesn't work, no. These kids still have to take exit tests. I do believe the traditional way of teaching is not for everyone, let alone for our public school kids either. We offer many classes over the DDN now. Small communities without say, Spanish teachers, hook up on the computer/ t.v. and take our classes. Classes over the internet are becoming popular.
        South Dakota