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Re: another survey-Homeschooling (only if you have time)


From: Woody Duncan (wduncan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 16:32:17 PST

Patricia Knott wrote:

My topic is home schooling.

> What is your first reaction to the term home schooling?
Home schooling is a right but I have serious reservation about it as
a good choice. Students miss the broad range of special areas of study
available in a larger diverse setting. They also miss the cultural
mixing and
learning of social skills necessary in this wide world we live in.

> Do you think home schoolers are religious or political radicals?

A good number are, but that is their right as well. I believe a public school
setting will expose students to a broader range of cultures, values, religions,
and test better their skills to make their own decisions.

> Are you insulted by home schooling?


> Are you offended that what "we" do may be in question
  by the parent or student that wants homeshooling?

What does this last question mean ?

> Who do think home schools? and why?

Parents who wish to strongly instill in their children a certain (narrow)
set of values. Parents who fear that too much exposure to a variety
of ideas and other factors may influence their children in a negative way.

> Do you think home schoolers have any district or state mandated

In Kansas they do.

> Are you aware of any requirements?

Yes but I doubt they are strongly inforced.

> Should homeschoolers be allowed to to participate in
curricular(classes) or extracurricular
activities that the public school provides?

I don't think people should be able to pick and choose which parts
of the public school programs their children should be part of.

Yet, I realize they have the right to.

> Why are the numbers of home schoolers increasing?

More and more prople are fearful of the world out there and
want to protect their children from it.

(what needs are we not meeting?)

Cutback in funding is making a situation where a lot of needs are not
being met.

> My local survey indicates that teachers think that the home
schooled child misses out on the
socialization aspect of attending school. Is this valid?

This is the major flaw in home schooling even when parents have the skills
to provide a balanced educational program for their children.

I find this a highly biased survey when it editorializes within itself.

> Can we embrace all alternatives to educating all children and,
> perhaps, disregard our notions of what we regard as tradition?

                                                Woody in KC

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