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LONG!!! an off topic vent! hooking up tv antenna


Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 10:50:12 PST

Ok...this is totally off the topic....and a bit of a rant....and then i am
asking for help! haha

It all started last spring I really started to look at my bills (does anyone
else do this?) And I realized I am charged for services that I don't even
understand. Does anyone know why we have an $8.00 charge for Universal Fees on
the phone bill??? There is a fee just for sending you the bill....etc. etc.
etc. I have to pay a fee to have my phone number unlisted, so the phone company
does not sell my private information.

On my gas bill I saw that I used 3 cubic feet of gas that cost about .95 ,
yet just for the privilage of having gas service I pay over $12 a month.

The credit union where I bank pays a fee to other banks so I can use other
atms, yet banks where I do not have an account but are part of the service my
credit union subscribes to still charge me $1.50 for using their atm machine.
Then my credit union turns around and charges me another $1.00 every time I use
an atm that is not theirs (they only have one!)

If you rent a car at an airport you are charged an extra airport rental fee.
Of course I suppose you could fly in, take a cab or the bus across the town
you are visiting and rent a car from there.....I suppose???

Where am I going with all this.....hehe....

Last summer I decided to ditch my cable tv. Cable is very expensive where I
live and I was paying close to $70 a month for service (basic plus a movie
package....almost all I watch are movies). I looked at different packages, the
least being $39.00 a month for the "family" package, which is our basic. Or if
I wanted only channels 1-13 (the free network channels) I could pay $13.00 a
month + taxes and fees (would probably come to about $25 a month for "free
tv") Of course it is the taxes and fees that always get you because the $39.00 a
month is really over $50.00 a month with taxes and fees...for $10 more I get
the movies which is what I really watch. Somehow my cable bill is always
around $68 and I could never reconcile $49,00 a month with a $68 bill.

So...I decided that I do not watch $68 worth of tv a month. I decided to
ditch my cable and figure it out. Well that was in July and I am finally getting
around to trying to hook up the uhf antenna that is ontop of my house.

Does any one have tips as to how to connect the antenna to the tv? I have
connected all the wires, but still no picture.....mmmm....I looked online for
websites for cheap people like me...haha...but cannot find one that shows me how
to get a picture. Also for some reason, I cannot change channels on my tv
either. Yes I can change channels on my vcr and when my cable box was installed.

I realize this is way off topic....but it is a free day from school and
sometimes one has time to think about and pay attention to these things that often
slip by us....of course that is why these companies get away with charging
these fees, is because we are too busy to worry about the $5.00 here or
there.....yet it all adds up!

Thanks for your help in advance!!!