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Re: FW: Quotes


From: kavita ghai (kavitaghai2002_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Nov 23 2002 - 22:22:38 PST

hi patty,
i agree to your view point,
we in school too are facing a big deal of bullying,its is becoming frustrating how no matter how much efforts we put in we are not being able to bring this into control,
just yesterday three senior schol students were asked to leave school for this reason,they had not done anything that happened for the first time but this is the only way that was left ,sadly two of them were my students,i felt really bad that they had to go,being an art teacher i knew them closly i have had always been a friend to them , individaully they were intelligent ,understanding ,mature and responsible but groupism and peer pressure makes them loose it all.
i've been trying hard to explain this to each one of them that they have to stop being sheep that follow the herd,they stay together in a residential school ,peer presure makes them do things they would never have gotten into,
i have students who are really hard working and interested and other who r not but the one s who r not are the ones who rule ,why can't i help them ,i feel really hurt ,because i do understand what the bullied goes through
.i wan't to keep this in mind while setting up my art sylabi for the comming session,i'll be thankful to get some suggestion from u
can we discuss this further,
 Patricia Knott <> wrote:
About a week ago. Larry Parker offered this quote:

> 'Let us reform our schools and we shall find little reform needed in our
> prisons'
> (John Ruskin, from 'Unto This Last')

I've been holding on to the quote because I'm writing a paper on school reform at the moment.

Yesterday I experienced the most depressing Inservice day. First was a presentation on all the drugs being used. It's much scarier than I already knew. What they are taking and how they connive to use is boggling. Heroin is becoming the drug of choice. What the presenter showed as far as how kids hide the paraphernalia for using causes me to suspect everything.
The second part of the day was about school violence. Current conclusions on what causes tragedies like Columbine point to kids that are not too stable to begin with triggered to act by "bullying."
The educational reform movement(of the moment) is No Child Left Behind with emphasis on standards and teaching to tests. How is this going to keep kids out of prison?

The art room has been the place that the 'disenfranchised" child has always seemed to gravitate. The art room is a place that child often feels safe to express and release. Sometimes we see signs before anyone else. Lets be aware of that and not get so caught up in standards and tests that we forget the ultimate act is an expression.

Back to Ruskin-- author, critic, observer and author of Modern Painters. But a Victorian.....

just some very late Saturday night thoughts (while I avoid my paper writing)
Patty ---
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