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Powerful Poem


From: Woody Duncan (wduncan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 03:26:10 PST

I've invited a local poet to read to my web design kids Wednesday.
Below is the poem he has given us permission to illustrate. I think it
is just what they need to channel their energy and creative juices.
                                        Makes you think, Woody in KC

The Prodigal Poem
by Glenn North © August, 2002

This poem is unwanted.
This poem is illegitimate.
This poem was an accident...
I Didnít Mean To Write It!
Yes, I let my pen touch the pad
but I was just scribbling,
just doodling
just playing around with it
like so many other poets before me.
See, I thought the paper
was on the pill
so I didnít use any protection
no correction tape
no white out
no eraserÖ

I wanted to have it aborted
but by the time
I had saved up enough loot
it had already reached its 3rd stanza.

The paper wonít consent
to an ink test
so Iím not claiming itÖ

However, I see it hanging out
in the hood sometimesÖ

This poem lets its words sag
so you can see its behind
This poem wasnít raised right
so it can barely even rhyme
This poem hangs out with weed papers
and it drinks too much wine
This poem will be dead
before it reaches its 21st line Ė
crumpled up in some waste basket
by a suicide letter
or tragically executed by
a heartless paper shredder.

At the very least,
it will end up locked behind the bars
of some legal pad
it will be too late then
to blame it on Dad
(whoever that may be)

No, this poem wonít end happily
it has already lost touch with reality
heavily influenced by MTV
itís caught up in some hip hop fantasy
it denies the genre in which it belongs
this poem thinks that itís a rap song:

ďP to the izz O
E to the izz M
thatís the anthem
get your damn hands upĒ

This poem will never be published
revised or anthologized
This poem will never reside
on a library shelf
because this poem is illiterate
it canít even read itself.

This poem could never be a love poem.
Itís to busy trying to be a
till-you-say-stop-mack-daddy poem
but countless careless encounters
have made it a
thatís-just-my-babyís-daddy poem
and it has left fatherless verses
in journals and notebooks all over town

with each passing line
it sinks further down

Job, Psalm, Proverbs
and not just these
but Ecclesiastes
and Song of Solomon
yearned for this poem
to follow them

These prophetic poems
that foretold of the coming Messiah
and the glory of the New Jerusalem
reached out to this poem,
prayed for this poem,
loved this poem,

But some poems
just donít want to be saved
they just crash and burn
at the bottom of the page.

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