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ARTS: Scout Report - November 15, 2002


From: BJ Berquist (berquist_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 14:02:12 PST

4. The Works of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe was only on this earth for an all-too brief forty years,
he crafted some fine poetry. Some have argued that with the "Murders in
Rue Morgue," he created the first detective story. On this site,
will see complete text versions of almost all of Mr. Poe's poems and
stories. Each piece begins by indicating the year of its first
and the publication in which it appeared. Also, an extended biographical
essay about Poe's life is available, as well as a helpful resource page
contains links to the Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore and the Edgar
Allen Poe National Historic Site. One highlight of the site is the
text of Poe's only novel, _The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym_, a truly
horrifying account of one man's voyage on board an ocean-going vessel
concludes with the line, "I have graven it within the hills, and my
vengeance upon the dust within the rock." [KMG]

12. Ruavista

Over the past few decades, the role and function of "the street" in
life has been reinvigorated as numerous scholars, policy makers, and
urbanites have chimed in with their impassioned feelings and ideas on
subject. Marc Voelckel has provided his own site, Ruavista, to explore
diversity of street life and public culture, and, as he states,
seeks to organize this richness and to share it with the greatest number
people worldwide and strives to promote a new form of urban tourism
upon visiting ordinary streets and paying attention to details rather
famous spots and beautiful architecture." The site itself features
photographic essays from photographers (professional and amateur) around
world, including Paris, San Francisco, and Rio during the World Cup.
Additionally, the Street Sounds section has a host of audio clips
the local sounds of such locales as a bird market in Jakarta, the call
daily prayer in Mali, and a panpiper in Bucharest. For those who love
places and visual culture, this site will be one to visit over and over
again. [KMG]

15. The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Presaging the movements of political ecology, "smart growth",
development and other trends of the past three decades, R. Buckminster
Fuller remains one of the most misunderstood Renaissance individuals of
20the century. Today, Mr. Fuller is most well known for inventing the
geodesic dome, which he hoped would become a model for low-cost housing
across the world. Over his life, Mr. Fuller was awarded 47 honorary
doctorates, wrote 28 books, and was the recipient of numerous
and design awards. As such, it is fitting that this Web site features a
great deal of his work, including many of his statements on his
of "design science," and not surprisingly a great deal of information on
geodesic dome and its uses. Other helpful material on the site includes
numerous publications from the Institute, such as their newsletter and
environmental news. Overall, a fascinating site that documents the life
Mr. Fuller and the Institute dedicated to keeping his philosophy and
principles alive and meaningful. [KMG]

16. Roger L. Stevens Presents

This exhibition preview from the Library of Congress highlights the work
Roger L. Stevens, one of America's foremost theatrical producers and
impresarios of the 20th century. During his a career that lasted over
years, Mr. Stevens backed his first Broadway show in 1949 and soon
became a
moving force in American and British theater, eventually presenting over
plays and musicals in total. If these achievements were not enough, Mr.
Stevens also served as the first chairman of the National Endowment for
Arts and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The exhibit
promotional material for a number of his productions (including _West
Story_ and _The Visit_) and production photos from plays like _The Great
White Hope_, which starred James Earl Jones. [KMG]

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Forwarded by:
BJ Berquist
Associate Educator, TAPPED IN