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Re: Suggestions for handing behavior problems?


Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 04:47:20 PST

Hi Krista,
   You have received some great suggestions on this list. Here is another:
  <A HREF="">>
  It may be necessary to make time during the day to talk with each of your
problem kids individually--which is time consuming. But it is an investment
that pays off.
   You might also have a heirarchy of consequences. Mine are:
   1. Sit in a pre determined time out chair. Write all the class rules.
circle the ones you violated. sign it and take it home for parent signature.
 Return before class tomorrow. In middle school, I can send them to an
alternate location if they don't comply. I also call their parents.

2. Again, in a time out area if available: Fill in a problem solving sheet.

Write thoughtful, honest sentences to describe the problem and find possible
solutions. When you have completed the sheet, an adult will discuss it with
you. Your participation in class activities depends on your willingness
to control your own behavior. Use the back if necessary.

1. This is what happened.
2. I felt because

3. The piece of the problem I own is

4. My actions affected these people in these ways:

5. I can try to set things right by:

6. I will avoid this kind of problem by:

7. I honestly feel ready to participate in class because:

. I, _____________________________understand that my behavior has an effect
on others as well as on me. I make a commitment to act appropriately and
control my behavior.

I (parent)_________________________have read this problem sheet and
discussed the behavior with my child. (date)________________________

This sheet is to be returned, signed by student and parent, before class on
 the day after it is assigned.
3. Student must write an essay:
              Problem Solving Essay

In essay form, please analyze the situation which required this assignment.
You may also be asked to conference with teacher and/or classmates for
clarification of the issues and solutions. *Remember, you must present the
satisfactorily completed essay, signed by you and your parent, before
retuning to art class.

Paragraph #1 should state the problem. Describe the situation
                       that resulted in the assignment of this essay.
Paragraph #2 must state which part of the problem belongs
                        to you. What is YOUR responsibility in the
                        situation? What effect did your actions have
                        on what happened? Who else was affected by
                        your actions? How did your actions affect the
                         other people?

Paragraph #3 Describe what you will do to correct the

Paragraph #4 Describe at least five strategies you will use
                          avoid similar problems in the future. What help
                          will you need from others? Identify a student
                          and/or an adult who can help you. Be specific
                          about how they may help.

 Each paragraph must have at least 5 complete sentences, AND MUST INCLUDE A
TOPIC SENTENCE AND A SUMMARY SENTENCE. You are expected to write legibly
in pen, using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This essay is to
be in the prescribed form for English composition.

Please have your parent sign your essay as an indication they have read it.
If you or your parent wish to conference about the behavior or the
consequence, please indicate this on your paper.

Good luck to you. I know how frustrating it is to have a few --or many
characters in a class.
Judy S