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Re: People not understanding...


Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 21:48:47 PST

Dennis, I could not agree more. The public school classroom is a "foxhole"
in and of itself. Some of these primadonas need to step into some reality
before they set a state or local budget for schools and decide how much pay
a teacher is worth! My husband is an Electrical Engineer and makes a great
salary and he could not tolerate the Junior High or High School classroom,
and yet I get paid of fraction of what he receives for a days work. How
"screwed-up" is this society? Most people that I know would not dare
teach!!! They know the abuse that we take and they think that they are
above such torment. We pay a Doctor a fortune to "PRACTICE" on our bodies,
and yet parents expect us to "straighten-out" their children for them by
teaching them in school for a small sum of money. This is senseless! If I
did not love the kids, then I would not be in the classroom. Being with
the kids is my therapy. Yet, I would have to struggle to live if I didn't
have a husband to help support me. Too much is expected of teachers for
such a small paycheck. I wish that our society would help its teachers
and give teachers some credit and realize the worth of the school teacher.
I have to laugh when I think that we get a $200.000/year write-off for what
we spend of our personal income on our classrooms, and I spent at least a
thousand dollars and more a year. They have no idea what is real and what
is fantasy!

Idus in Picayune
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> Many polititians and the general public at large have not been some of
> our large public high schools. They have not seen the deteriorating
> facilities, the high percentages of kids living in poverty and with single
> parents, the overcrowding. They have not experienced the low reading
> and test scores, the problems of gangs and school violence. They have not
> seen the ethnic and cultural diversity of many classrooms that would
> challenge any teacher to build community in it.
> Yet, there are art teachers who are working with these kids, under
> conditions, successfully. Impediments to good art education, yes. But it's
> amazing how there are dedicated teachers working day in and day out. On
> shoe-string budgets, with little and sometimes no support from the
> administration, there are art teachers who are doing really heroic things
> with young people. Someday, maybe they will be recognized, maybe not. They
> are certainly not being recognized enough for the job they do. It is very
> difficult to teach successfully and gain the respect of young people and
> them to work and be creative and grow. I'd like to see some to those
> corporate CEO's who make so much money come on down and survive one day in
> some of our classrooms in America.
> Dennis in Stockton
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