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It is a "sad day" -- no art for my school


From: Judy Decker (Jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 16:56:59 PST

Well..... We are so good at predicting what will happen (we knew last
summer this would take place -- we "talked" about it -- I anticipated it
April 2000).... I now have removed all art from the WCOIL server -- I no
longer have the permission to publish forms (and assorted notes of
permission) from the parents last year....And my administrator threw out
all of the forms from the previous year (along with all of my Art Tech

This year -- I had parents send forms in only if they DID NOT want their
child's work online -- seemed a whole lot easier that way since I couldn't
put all children's work on anyway. No one requested that their child's work
not be on -- Even the folks who for religious reasons will not allow
Internet use want their children's work shared.

For two years, I have been after them to build a permission to publish form
into the permission to use form -- but no luck. Seems to me it would be
easiest to only bug the parents once about Internet use --- but that would
be too LOGICAL (smile)....and no one listens to Judy Decker --What does she
know anyway (tee-hee).

Besides, I got it from all of our tech people in 1999 again in fall of 2000
(and again today) that the way I was doing it was OK --- I had no
photographs of students (except the Impressionists portraits and I called
all parents on that one) -- and I did not list last names -- only first.
The parents and children at least wanted their first names on the work. To
my knowledge, our district does not have a written policy on this issue.
Fortunately -- no matter what -- I am protected because my administrator
told me Wednesday that what goes on my site is his responsibility -- it
will be his fault if we are in error -- not mine. is a "good
thing". I sent our district tech person email to immediately remove all of
my student art pages from the school server --and I immediately removed all
of student art from WCOIL site so my administrator would not get "in
trouble". I guess our district is like some of yours -- the building
principal gets the blame -- not the district tech person as I thought all
along. I was checking all along with our district tech person on legal
issues -- not my building principal. It is good to find these things out
now --The site has been up since February of 1999. Funny how only a year
before he couldn't wait to get our student work online --- he asked me to
put work on our server on a web page the previous school year
(97-98)....Life's ironies... More of life's ironies --- Now I do not have
to do my Professional Development Targets -- works for me. More time for
you folks and my family. Technology is VERY time consuming. We have a
district goal of technology for everyone now -- BUT Judy Decker (smile). I
will miss all of your words of praise for my fine student art work. Let us
hope it is short lived (for now I just have lots of broken links)

Here is his quote for today.......

Friday, November 30, 2001

"Quote of the day: A necessity is usually any luxury you see
in the home of a neighbor."

Well.....Welcome to my home neighbors.... In my home there is peace --
love -- and respect -- and most important God. When you have these -- you
have all the wealth and success you need -- if you do not believe me -- ask
Carolyn Roberts (I got some of this from an email to me). Silly me.... I
didn't even need your prayers on this one -- mine was sufficient last
night. My administrator did exactly what I wanted him to do today.

Fabulous Friday!


P.S. Many have asked me to put my URL in my signature. I do not do that to
protect my school district. I want folks to have to hunt and snoop around
if they are interested in finding my school district. I love my district --
love my kids. I belong there. I never even post where I live anymore. As my
administrator told me today "You have to watch your back in education these
days" -- boy don't I know it! Been there - still there -- hope the end is
in sight. I at least don't feel the "knife" as much as in the past (I have
God to thank for that -- and all of our group prayers).

P.P.S -- Hey I am offiicially old!!! Got my trifocals today. Still can't
figure out where the middle part is -- Now I have no excuse for not getting
my work done -- I can at least see to do it now (what a goof).