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Re:Perspective drawing.


Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 14:25:55 PST

 Someone asked for this lesson plan and I lost the e-mail, Forgive. Artie
  Art lesson Plan.
Title: Perspective drawing.
Intermediate drawing
Intermediate grade basic drawing, lesson two
Follows a lesson on basic shapes and lines
Visual perception and focus:
Pictures of perspective in art. Utrillo street scenes, Van Gogh’s “Entrance
to the Park”and, etc.
Students will understand that space in pictures is an illusion created by the
use of lines and overlapping shapes.
Students will learn that there are 3 straight lines, horizontal, vertical,
and diagonal.
10x 12 construction or sulfite drawing paper. Pencils. Erasers. Rulers.
Remind students about the three straight lines and their names. (Have them
labeled on the board)
Tell about horizon (furthest edge of flat land). Tell about vanishing point.
Show the
vanishing point on Utrillo pictures, (spot where the diagonal lines that mark
edge of
street meet on the horizon line. Note that as things recede into the
distance they
 appear to get smaller and that straight lines like railroads and roads
appear to get narrower. Artists know this and use it to create the illusion
of space on a flat surface.
Have students place their papers “the landscape way”( with long edges at top
and bottom)
Here you may have the students fold their paper in half across center and use
horizon, or use ruler to draw a horizon across center.
Mark a point in center of line and label it ‘VP’ Vanishing point.
From each lower corner draw a line either freehand or with ruler to VP. OR
fold paper diagonally from corner to corner. Unfold and smooth.
Between the diagonal lines only and halfway from the VP to the bottom of the
draw a horizontal line. Railroad cross tie.
Half way from the first cross tie to VP draw a second horizontal line, and
then halfway
again, Note that the lines are getting closer together. Draw one line
halfway from the
 first underneath it. Add a second line to each to add strength.
Draw a old fashioned train engine from the front on the diagonal lines on the
 just below the VP.
Draw a mountain range along the horizon line about halfway to the top of
Add trees to land on either side of tracks reminding that those nearest
bottom edge
should appear larger than those near the horizon. No trees on mountains.
Color appropriately if wished.