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RE: inexpensive paint for a wood project....


From: Rebecca Stone-Danahy (RebeccaStoneDanahy_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 10:45:24 PST

This would be a great presentation at the national convention...

Becky in NC

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From: Kathy Tickner []
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 1:34 PM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: RE: inexpensive paint for a wood project....

In organizing a Parent Booster Club, Yes, I have done this. I teach 1,100
students between two schools. Our of an average of 2,200 parents, I was
able to get a group of about 30 parents, which I think is great! Parents
will bend over backwards for the classroom teacher, but we "support" staff
tend to get overlooked, so 30 parents was a great accomplishment, and just
enough to get things going. Here is some of the things I did to get it
going. It took me about 3 years to get a solid committment, and for the
community to get used to this "Booster Club", now I don't have to
"solicite", they "come knocking"'s great. The #1 key to a successful
(Also, little raffle prizes for parents who came, and extra points for their
kids in class, or special recognition for their children in the newsletters!
Parents love reading about their kids in the paper!)
In producing all of these flyers, I used donated paper from a local copy
center, and 3 parents xeroxing these flyers, and delivering them. This is
all pre-e-mail days, so now with e-mail, alot these things can be taken care
of through e-mail messages, and FAX machines.
#1. I sent flyers home EVERY WEEK, IN EVERY CLASS for the first 2 months of
#2. I put an informational message in the District newsletter EVERY MONTH,
advertising the need for parents to help out.
#3 I put an "free" advertisement in the local newspaper EVERY WEEK, for the
1st two years, looking for people to help. This way, you will get Senior
Citizens in Art Leagues to help.
#4. I sent flyers to ALL OF THE LOCAL ART LEAGUES.
#5. I sent flyers to ALL OF THE LOCAL Senior Centers.
#6. I put an informational message in our city's Recreational Department
Newsletter, it gets mailed to 50,000 people.
#8. I made sure that there was always food/drinks to eat at my meetings.
Also, I gave each parent who attended, a raffle ticket, and then had a
raffle with a gift. Most of my gifts I got donated from restaurants, PTA,
school t-shirts. I very rarely paid for anything.
#9. Once you got past just getting parents to attend, we discussed ways to
GET MONEY!! Most of my funds are generated through donations! Sometimes,
students had to go to coroporate meetings set up in advance, and bring
artwork to share/discuss, and then "the check was handed over."
These are the stores we have gotten lots of money or art supplies from:
Costco, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, MicroSun, Lawrence Livermore Lab,
That's all for now.
Kathy Tickner
Byron/Excelsior School, Northern CA
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From: Janice Keenan []
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 9:05 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: Re: inexpensive paint for a wood project....

>then I would organize a Parent Booster Club to help
>you fundraising, so that you can afford
>some nicer materials for your program.

Have you done this? I would be interested in hearing
how you went about it.
  Jan in Miami

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