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Re: american artists, compiled


From: Dave Wuerffel (wuerfeld_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 18:14:52 PST

american artists, compiledMaryAnn,
    I noticed only one ceramic artist. You really should add a few more American ceramic artists such as:
Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, Paul Soldner and Beatrice Wood.


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  I didn't get very many responses about what you suggest presenting to kids in the way of lessons about American artists (about six reponses). But here they are! I have added quite a bit of info to the list myself, as I am putting together a list for my own use. Hope you can use the info too. It's quite imcomplete at this point... if you add to it, let me know!

   ~ MaryAnn F. Kohl ~

  A - B

  Adams, Ansel photography

  Albright, Ivan American Magic Realist Painter, 1897-1983

  Allen, Terry sculpture Terry Allen's work is known for its narrative content combining human drama with metaphor and make-believe. Belief Trees

  Bearden, Romare African American- collage ­ printmaking "Know the Artist"

  Bellows, George Realist Artist. Painter and Lithographer. Famous for lithography. Broad range of subjects. Style was rich and clear and /or based on 'searingly raw images' Born Columbus, OH 1882-1925 "
  " A Stag at Sharky's

  Burchfield, Charles American Scene Painter, 1893-1967


  Calder, Alexander

  Cassatt, Mary

  Catlett, Elizabeth

  Catlin, Geoge portraits of American Indians

  Chicago, Judy Feminist artist. Collaborative works. Multi media works. Born Chicago, IL 1939 still living (gallery) The Dinner Party, Womanhouse, The Holocaust project

  Chihuly, Dale glass blowing

  Chuck Close portrait grids

  Copely, John Singleton (Watcon and the Shi stopainng. Classical romantic.) Portraits, realism, picture of person accompanied by materials of his everyday life. Born Boston, MA 1738-1815 : Watson and the Shark Jacob Fowle, John Hancock draw/paint a portrait of a friend (or other). In the picture, include drawings of things important to them or from their daily lives

  Cornell, Joseph American Assemblage. Usually simple glass fronted boxes w/ collections arranged inside. He chose usually photographs and Victorian bric-a-brac broken and rearranged Born in Nyac, NY 1903-1972 " (links to works and bio etc) (pics of works w/ titles and years) (personal, nice bio) (nice pics of some works)
  " Hotel Eden, A Parrot for Juan Gris, Object(Roses de Vents), Bacall


  Davis, Stuart Web Museum - Stuart Davis, Sheldon Memorial Collection - Stuart Davis, Mark Harden's Artchive- Stuart Davis , Walker Art Center Interview with Stuart Davis, Jazz- Swing Era Art Gallery University of Virginia , Jazz- Swing Era Art Gallery University of Virginia , Stuart Davis - Links to online images, American Abstract Painter, C.1894-1964 Self-Portrait
  de St. Phalle, Nikki

  DeKooning, Willem Central figure of Abstract Expressionism. Different phases: Black and white cubist series, concurrent with large paintings of female figures (Woaman in Sundress) then came the 'abstract urban landscapes' of 'slashing lines and colliding figures'. Brushstrokes always apparent in his works, GESTURE used in painting important. Used the colors rose/yellow/green/blue/white Born in Rotterdam, Hollandin1904. Emigrated to US in 1927 (stowaway on ship) Died 1997 " (bio links to pics of works) (links to pics, links to articles on De Kooning).

  DeKooning, Willem (MORE) Painting (1948, Women, I(1950-52), Gotham News (1955) Focus on the motion of painting/drawing. Make a happy/sad/angry/silly painting using movements/strokes that feel happy/angry etc.

  Demuth, Charles American Precisionist Painter. Definition of 'Precisionism': also called 'Cubist Realism', a realistic rendering of the object, but with emphasis on its geometrical form. Demuth was a master watercolorist. Early works were scribbled lines under loose washes. Most known for still lifes, mainly of flowers, but also industrial looking hard edged works. Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1883-1935 " (biography) (pics of his works) (This is a Good one..good article on artist, links to other articles also pics of his works and the poem on which I Saw The Figure 5 in Gold is based)
  " I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold (1928), My Egypt (1927), Apples

  Diebenkorn, Richard American Abstract Painter. Most well known for his late works the 'Ocean Park' series.These are abstract landscapes reduced to simploe lines and color..rectangles, open, light. Suggestions of the landscape. Love hate relationship with Abstract Expressionism. Style has been called Absract landscape and 'Californian'. compositions formed around lines. Born in Portland, OR , reared in San Francisco. 1922-1993 " : (pics and captions telling about the works and the artist). (oral history interviewsStapes of)
                  (Hooray for Sister Wendy!)
  " The Ocean Park series Draw the shapes of things the suggestions. OR project with pen/pencil drawings of still lifes with loose water color washes over them for color.

  Dine, Jim American Pop Artist, Born 1935

  Doolittle, Bev

  E - F

  Eakins, Thomas best known for paintings of atheletes, rowers, as in Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

  Escobar, Marisol

  Estes, Richard American Photorealist Painter, Born 1936

  Evans, Walker American Photographer, 1903-1975

  Fish, Janet American Contemporary Realist Painter, Born 1938

  Flack, Audrey Artist's profile Banana Split Artcyclopedia links

  Folwell, Judy pottery

  Frankenthaler, Helen

  Fuller, Buckminster American Architect and Designer and Inventor, 1895-1983

  Fuller, George Portraits - American, 1822-1884

  G - H

  Gilliam, Sam African-American Painter, Born 1933

  Giovanopoulos, Paul His original vision involved a carefully composed repetitive grid of panels as the base of a painting. Giovanopoulos then interpreted each panel, transforming the object within through "visual signatures" from art history

  Graves, Morris American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Sculptor, 1910-2001

  Graves, Nancy Sculptor, 1940-1995

  Grooms, Red installations/sculptures

  Hanson, Duane American Photorealist Sculptor, Born 1925

  Hardin, Helen for her use of modern tools and techniques with traditional Indian motifs

  Haring, Keith Know the Artist Links page

  Hart Benton, Thomas Biography, Exhibitions, Murals and more.

  Hass, Richard

  Hesse, Eva German/American Minimalist Painter and Sculptor, 1936-1970

  Hicks, Edward allegories, new england folk art

  Homer, Winslow

  I - J

  Inness, George landscapes, romantic. "poetic"

  Johns, Jaspar

  Johnson, William Internet Lesson Additional Links

  Johnston, Joshua African-American, Active 1796-1824

  K - L

  Kahn, Albert American Architect 1869 - 1942

  Lange, Dorothea

  Lawrence, Jacob Internet Lesson

  Lewis, Edmonia African-American Sculptor, C.1845-1911

  Lewis, Lucy Native American Potter, 1902-1992

  Lichetenstein, Roy

  Louis, Morris American Abstract Expressionist Painter, 1912-1962

  M - N

  Martinez, Maria Native American Potter, C.1889-1980

  Neel, Alice

  Nevelson, Louise

  Noland, Kenneth American Abstract Expressionist Painter, Born 1924

  O - P

  OšKeeffe, Georgia She loved to roller-skate in an old school gym near her place in the southwest and when she got too old to skate herself, her assistant would carry her on his back and roller skate her around the gym according to sculptor, Jesus Bautista Morales .

  Peale, Rembrandt also: Raphaelle, James, Charles W. portrait classical, still life realism, interesting family of artists

  Oldenburg, Claes

  Pollock, Jackson

  Q - R

  Raffael, Joseph American Contemporary Realist Painter, Born 1933 link:

  Rauschenberg, Robert

  Remmington , Frederick Collection of Western Art

  Richardson, Sid

  Ringgold, Faith

  Rockwell, Norman

  Rothko, Mark

  Russell , Charles Collection of Western Art


  Saar, Alison

  Saar, Betye

  Sargent, John Singer

  Segal, George Figure Sculpture Internet Lesson Links page Additional Links

  Shahn, Ben

  Skoglund, Sandy

  Smith, David

  Stella, Frank

  Stuart, Gilbert portraits of famous founding father, G. Washington etc.

  Sullivan, Louis American Architect, 1856-1924

  T - U- V

  Thiebaud, Wayne

  W - X - Y - Z

  Walker, William American, 1838-1921

  Warhol, Andy Know the Artist" Andy Warhol EMS student page

  Washington, Timothy African American Sculptor

  Weston, Edward

  Whistler, James

  Wood, Grant American Gothic A must see site - Sculptural take-offs on the famous work by Grant Wood - "American Gothic"

  Wright, Frank Lloyd

  Wyeth, Andrew

  Wyeth, Jamie American Contemporary Realist Painter, Born 1946

  Wyeth, N.C.
  Bierstadt, Albert romantic paintngs of the American west

  Whistler, James McNeill as in Arrangement in Grey and Black (Whistler's Mother). Mid 1800's, portraits, figures.

  Bingham, George Caleb mid-1800's regionalist. Fur Traders on the Missouri

  Tiffany, Louis Comfort stained glass mid to late 1800's

  Currier and Ives printers of mid-1800's Lithographers sold as "Publishers of cheap and Popular Pictures" by a wide variety of artists, but uniquely American art

  Roebling, John Augustus designer of the Brooklyn Bridge 1893

  Remington, Frederick western artist, bronze sculopture, early 1800's

  Britto, Romero,,,

  Sargent, John Singer portraits, realist, late 1800 early 1900's; Carnation, Lilly Lily Rose is one of his best known images

  Tanner, Heny Rossaa black american portraits (The Banjo Player), late 1800-early 1900