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RE: Definition for Art (was 60 Minutes...GAG!)


From: Hillmer, Jan (hillmjan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 12:37:51 PST

Thank you for these thoughts. Right now I'm planning a small
performance art project and will probably have to educate the parents
even more than my students. Some of the things you touched on will help
me as much as anything I've found doing a websearch.

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From: Patricia Knott []
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 3:11 PM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: Re: Definition for Art (was 60 Minutes...GAG!)

> my wife and I have this discussion all the time.... what is art? It
> very interesting as she is left brained and I am right brained. She
makes a
> good devils advocate.
> One of the things that always gets thrown into this discussion is the
> Dada movement.

This is why I love Marcel so much. He and the Dada movement introduced
the notion that art needs to be thoughtful.

In my teaching I continually go back and forth between technique,
process and content. I firmly believe that artists lead a way, and I
also believe that one can't deviate until one knows what one is
deviating from
but how to teach that in 2001 ? I'm just not sure of.
I find a real need to redefine the elements and principles we are
dependent on.
I have been spending much time on time and motion -- elements only
sometimes considered.

When the camera and photo processes were put into motion, there were
huge debates on the future of standard art practices. Most thought it
was the end to painting.

It's a 160+ years since the camera and still the debate. The community
has not accepted the way of the 20th century artist. The community
still wants to buy Kincaids--- pretty pictures .

I wonder
how are we, as art educators, leading the way to teach prospective
artists as the first interpreters of social concerns, as documentors,
and as venues to "think" ?

when I look at the very contemporary scene I wonder what they want me to
think about

Art is a means to convey a thought Art is a means to point out and
it's also a means to document and if it's it's ugly, as so much in our
world is today, then it's
just what it should be -- a reflection of the ugliness

A civilization is measured by the art it produces
that's a pretty hefty though

I don't want to be part of a civilization that measures the financial
success of a Kincaid
I think we have to be very careful about our measurements. Marketing,
business.. it'a part of art. But not part of the definition.

I think we have to do some serious thinking about content-- from
elementary on up
Technique is a tool to convey content. I want to see every project have
an element of content as well as technique. We have an obligation to
teach the proper technique for conveying the thought -- otherwise there
is no art.

Patty ---