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Re: cancer


Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 10:30:53 PST

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I'm sorry you had to have two
bout with this. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Alot of things you said
really hit home with me.
One was the fact of thinking every ache and pain is from the cancer. Before I
knew what was wrong, I felt bad for quite a while. Then I realized I had this
problem after ending up in the hospital with damage to my colon. Now that I
am back home and feeling much better, every ache and pain I attibute to this
still somewhat unknown situation. I could have the flu and not know it.
The other thing you said is realizing that you are old and dont look the same
and dont have the same "potential" anymore. Realizing one's mortality is a
tough one, although none of us have any promise of tomorrow.
I did set up my studio on the back porch and have painted one picture, but
havent done anymore. My son came in one day and said, Mom, you need to paint
your healing. It hit home and I knew the power of art could at least be
theraputic to me.
What they think I have is carcinoid tumors which secrete hormones into my
system. These cause red flushing of the face and neck, a choking sensation,
bloodshot eyes, and cramps and diarrhea which can become constant. They are
so rare that no dr. here knows what he is looking for. I had a test which
showed activity behind my breat bone and another blood test that showed an
elevated hormone which is probably coming from the tumor. So right now, I'm
not sure where or what size I have.
I am going to New orleans on Jan 2 to a specialist in these endocrine tumors.
Hopefully he will give me a full diagnosis and a treatment plan. there are
shots which can be taken 3 x day which control the damage that the hormones
do to the body. As for the tumors themselves, they usually need to be
removed. I'm not looking forward to anyone opening up my chest, so I am
hoping that wont have to happen.
In the meantime, I have alot of fatique, muscle aches, and sometimes feel
like my bones hurt. I dont know if it is the cancer or not. I am walking in a
cloud most of tahe day and trying not to be obsessed by this, but I do think
once I know what is going on for sure, I can put it in it's place and go on
with my life. I have found a support group on the internet and this helps
And out of the blue....all of this support from my artist family as well. I
do believe in prayer and God has alot of people praying for me. Thanks for
e-mailing. I will keep in touch.