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35 students!! in one class! yikes!


From: Judy Decker (Jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 08:15:39 PST

The most I ever had on one class was 34....certainly more than I could
handle effectively. So today I am thankful (note thankful yes -with an L
on the end for anyone who read my post thoroughly yesterday) my largest
class this year is 24 students.

What has been most helpful for me is recording discipline infractions right
away -- but not necessarily making it a "bad thing". I have a "Book for
Naughty Boys and Girls" and even write my own name in it from time to
time --- I suppose the best time was when a student came up and wrote my
name in when I said "oh crap" (While trying to help a student on a ceramic
project -- I knocked a piece off -- easily fixed it though). My discipline
record may be found at:

If interested - I will send you the Word file.

Using this "Behavior Contract" has also been very helpful:
I can not take full credit for the contract -- a list member sent it to me
and I revised it. I have used writing assignments since subbing days (1987)
at a local school. I do not make students copy it word for word the first
time -- I tell them to read and then write in their own words --I have
received some beautiful apologies back from students (kind of touch my
heart). (ditto - I will send Word file)

Rewards are also important.... Whole class rewards and individual
(punishing a whole class is a different story -- fortunately, I haven't had
to do that). Gone are the days when kids will behave just because they are
supposed to -- just because it is the right thing to do....This past
Monday, all of my students who earned ten million dollars (giggle),
received pizza for lunch (at my expense -- they could choose a gel pen
instead if they wished). I think I spent a total of $80.00 --- I still come
out ahead though -- Think of all the $$$ I have save on my own kid
(tee-hee --- he makes himself earn good grades --straight 4.0 since first
grade....and was satisfied with a quarter from the tooth fairy -- I am one
lucky mom!)

At last -- I have put "Mona Bucks" online --- she/he (smile) was a "hot"
item over the summer:

Grab them while you can ---grab a sandwich and a coke first -- huge file --
cause once I am out of server space, I will remove them. I used Duchamp's
Mona since we do not have any women on $$$ in our culture (only coins):

All of the files above are linked from:

And on more for Jennie -- Hopefully, they will see the "error of their
ways" in this and break the class into two sections in upcoming years......
But -- as we have often seen, logic is not a trait of some administrators
(giggle) --- but on the other hand having two of me in class was always
nice for discipline.... (I have had two student teachers over the years).
Funny students (even the ornery ones) were begging for two of me
this past trimester -- it was so sweet.

Fabulous Friday!


P.S. Today I am finally calling for an eye appointment -- I guess I do need
help catching typos.