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RE: Class without conviction: update


From: kimberly herbert (kherbert_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 17:54:14 PST

        Don't feel bad about saying the kids need knocking down a peg or
two. I grew up with some of the most privileged kids in Houston (during
a Oil Boom to boost). I remember feeling so sorry for my classmates
because they didn't seem to have any core or roots. The concept of
family seemed so alien to them. My classmates' parents could have been
replaced with ATM's and they wouldn't have noticed. One classmate was
busted for dealing by the DEA (he was at some kingspin's house).
Everybody except the kids were shocked when it was discovered his
parents had been out of the country for months. His younger brothers
were dropping in on friends to score a meal, because there was no food
in the house.

        The teachers we all most respected (including the few like me
that actually had parents that cared) were the teachers who respected
everyone and held everyone accountable for their actions in a fair way.
Believe me they knocked a few egos and my Dad will ruin your credit
rating attitudes down a peg or two. The teachers that treated our
parents like gods or us like dirt (you come from privilege therefore you
know nothing of real life) got exactly nowhere with us.

        I honestly believe some of our teachers saved lives without ever
knowing it. I think they prevented kids from killing themselves with
drugs and booze or fast cars, by showing the kids they had value beyond
a tax deduction (or tax scam we had some pretty unethical parents in our
school). One thing to remember is emotional abuse is as frequent in
wealthier areas, it is just more socially acceptable to give your kids a
lot of stuff and then ignore them and call it giving them space.

        Thank God for my busy body in my business can not go anywhere in
the city without running into them (or a friend) extended family.
Speaking of which I need to go feed my sister's dog or someone will tell
on me.

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They really do need knocking down a peg or two, but I feel so bad even
saying this to myself, they're just kids (9-11yrs). I brought out 2
of Van Goghs Sunflowers. The been there, seen it, attitude came as know
suprise. I tried to touch them with the story of how he was going to
decorate a house with the pictures and planned to do 12 and how he fell
with his friend thus the happy first picture and the latter sad one etc
I think a couple of them got it. They were all too busy showing off
messed up knowlege of him cutting his ear off blah blah.

Anyway, that's the update.