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Re: Grading..... always looking to improve


Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 21:05:44 PST

I too use the 1-10 scale for studio projects which are 40% of my students
FINAL grade.
    Each project or "part" of the project (if their long ones) is graded in 5
areas- each scoring 2 pts each. These grading criteria depend on the project
and my learning objectives. For instance "Composition"- balanced use of
space, or use of "required elements" -then I go on to list them for my
students. I even have an item on some rubrics that read's "Effort"-
effective use of classtime to work on project.
    My scoring is as follows...
2 pts for beyond expectations (advanced art), 1 pt for "as expected" and no
points given if less than expected.
For art 1 students, I give 2 pts for well done or addressed requirements, 1
pt for needs improvement/some requirements have been addressed -but not all
and no points are given if they did not have a clue. Once again these are
"general" examples and are always customized per project.
The score breakdown works out like this- 10=A, 9=B-, 8=C-, 7=D- and 6 or
below =E
    I also grade on clean-up and class participation 1-10 which ends up being
15% of the final grade. This never changes. All students start out with 10
points and a point is taken off every time they leave a mess or their trays
out- If I have to clean up after them- I penalize them.
    I also grade sketchbooks on a 1-10. Every week I check sketchbooks on
quantity only- I count the # of drawings. Depending on the class, figure
drawing, commercial art etc will dictate the "type" of drawings which need to
be in their sketchbook. They are not always "highly rendered" drawings.
Sometimes their a series if gestures. Anyway I count the # of entries only
and write comments on how their drawings may be improved. The average of all
the weekly totals =30% of their final grade.
    Lastly is the tests (written assessments and research papers and
responses. These vary in points however all these combined and averaged
makes up 15% of their final grade.
    I have been doing this for 4 years now and I find this system very
equitable. My classes usually average a C+ in my classes- given a few
exceptions which happened to scew my numbers.
Anyway- thats it in a nutshell. Please email direct if you have questions.
    Good luck
    Kathy in Kalamazoo