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Re: TAEA Tech Workshop


From: V Moreira Komando (komandov_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 15:23:53 PST

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed TAEA for the most part... the workshops
were good (except for the tech. workshop where the presenter couldn't get
her tech. to work... Hello! It's called being prepared!) and I made some
good contacts."

Hello Donald and group,

Even though I was not at the TAEA, I feel I must come in defense of the person that gave the tech workshop. I wasn't there to see exactly what went wrong, but I have attended enough workshops to know that technology is temperamental even with experts on hand. And many times - the experts cannot figure out why the problem occurs - and as in Murphy's Law - this will happen only when a huge group is sitting there drilling you with their eyeballs and not when you are running through your presentation before hand.

Technology is great when it works - but when it doesn't - it is the most frustrating thing on the face of the earth. I am going out on a limb here - but those of us that work with computer technology have probably experienced a moment or two in our classrooms where everything worked perfectly one class period. Then you go to do the exact same thing in the following class and the machine becomes possessed!

A personal example is that I use my laptop to present lessons with a projector. Another teacher asked me if I could go over Adobe Photoshop and design principles with her business class as they were preparing for a competition. "No problem," I said - LOL ! I checked everything before the class came over - and then when I went to start - the projector refused to cooperate. I am usually pretty good with figuring out tech problems, but nothing I tried would get the show on the road. I called the office and our technology guy came back - and he could NOT figure out why the computer and the projector were not functioning. We unplugged and plugged, started and restarted, and nothing would get the display to work. After the class left, I tried again and everything worked like a dream - but it was a nightmare when I had the other class and teacher standing there waiting! They may only be machines - but I am beginning to think that these machines possess their own personalities and!
 are mischievious! And no matter how prepared one can be - computers can reak havoc at any presentation, no mattered how prepared one may be.

So, I am emailing this to hope you give the presenter the benefit of believing that she probably was prepared and it was one of those flukes when the presentation was not in harmony with the computer's karma, and a conflict somewhere make the tech stuff go haywire *<{:~O
And advise - to take or leave - which was given to us by Sam Shepard as we prepared to go to Japan: "Just roll with it!" This advice relieved stress for me when things didn't go as planned.




Increase the Peace ~^~

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