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RE: a sub solution


From: Meredith Steele (meredith_steele_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 06:41:29 PST

When I am out of class and have a sub, I consider it a good time to
incorporate some writing into my H.S. art classes. Here are some questions
that I put into a handout titled, "?s about Art" and let the students do
some reflective writing while I'm gone. It also keeps the students quiet,
which makes things a little easier on the sub.

Below are some questions that give you the opportunity to express your
opinion about art. There are no right or wrong answers. Provide thoughtful
responses to the questions using a minimum of a few sentences for each

* Must art be beautiful?
* Does art have to look "real"? In order to be considered "good" art, must
the work imitate reality?
* Who can say what art is good or bad? Who decides the value of art?
* Can furniture be art? Clothing? Serving utensils? Greeting cards? Musical
instruments? Tapestries? Quilts? Under what conditions are these objects art
or not art?
* What is your favorite kind of art? Why?
* What is your least favorite kind of art? Why?
* Can a work of art have different meaning for different peoples? Do
different people have different interpretations about the same work of art?
* Can a work of art be both beautiful and ugly? Must art be enjoyed?
* Is it appropriate to alter a work of art if it is offensive? Should
offensive work be banned from public exhibitions?
Some questions from:

Meredith Steele
Cary Academy
Upper School Visual Art
Picks of the week: blisters from bulb planting, making things with bottle
caps, thoughts of soup, figurative painting

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From: Donald Peters []
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 8:48 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: Re:subs

I realize that it is not ALL the subs fault... but it is frustrating.

I appreciate all the suggestions and I DO:
Have a sub folder with a school map, list of duties, seating charts and
simple plans for unplanned absences.
Lock everything up if I know I'm going to be gone, leaving out only what
they need (and I keep that simple)
Inform the classes of my planned absence and discuss consequences and

Request a particular sub... we used to be able to, but we have such a sub
shortage this year that they've disabled that function on our automated

Too, I teach in one of the rougher elementary schools and while I don't have

many problems anymore (knock on wood) I know some of the students that are
good for me are horrendous every where else--even in their home rooms. SO,
when I'm not here, I can expect a note about these little darlings, even if
I warn them ahead of time.

Early on this year when I had to be gone unexpectedly I wasn't really
surprised to come back and find stuff missing. I didn't go out of my way to
hunt the culprits down, but I did give EVERY class a lecture and we used
nothing but copy paper and crayons in EVERY class for two weeks to show them

what life would be like if things continued to disappear from the room (I
throw a fit even if they take something out of the trash can without my reasoning is: first trash, then something dropped and left
on the floor, then something off the table and so on...)

What ticked me off so much when I was gone for TAEA was that the SUB went
into my desk and pulled out my multicultural crayons to give to the students

even though there was a case of crayons already out and divided into trays
for tables. I KNOW it was the sub as students have no access to my desk.

Now, on another note, I was gone again Monday for half a day (doctor) and
didn't have a sub... I asked for one, but being a "specialist" we don't
always receive one... so they shut my program down for the day. The only
ones in my room that day were my enrichment pullout kids (first thing) and
they were in here by themselves.... and while they didn't get ANYTHING done,

they didn't take anything either... (they are always the first ones to rat
on each other) I know it hurts the kids to not get ANY art for the day, but
it is nice to come back and not have a mess to clean up (other than ceiling
tiles and water from a leaky roof)

Donald Peters
Lubbock, Texas

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