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Re: Falling apart. Wanna laugh?


Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 15:27:44 PST

 Following is an excerpt of my letter to my Artsednet buddies about my disc
problem, dated 10/31/01.
>I now have permission to drive, yet cannot pull up my own underpants when I
go to the john. This will be interesting when I "have to go" at school.
(Don't wear any? Awww, not). LOL You can see pain medication does keep my
sense of humor going. Did I embarrass myself? Probably but I know you Art
Teachers can take it!

Here are some of the replies, advice, comments, suggestions wisdom, etc.,
from all my "art buds." If you wanna LOL, read ahead.

>Boy , this will be a strange Thanksgiving holiday, play it all it's worth,
let somebody else cook.
 How soon will it be over?
Love -Patti

In a message dated 10/31/01 7:41:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Marsh - how about Dr. Dentons with the drop seat - cut them off at the

>You know Marsha, now you can wear those tight pants without the fear of your
pantyline showing! :) Personally, I would rather see the pantyline, but
according to my husband, well, I am sure you could fill in the male thought
process there...
from Jennifer in Michigan where we need to wear underwater just to keep our
tooshies warm! :)

>If she's got any smarts at all, she'll plan it for New Years, hee-hee! I've
had a herniated disk since I was 21 and now I'm
middle aged...and it STILL appears now and then. Mine has never gone
completely away. You just learn to "deal" with it. Marsha...welcome to the
club. We've got lots of members! Toodles.....Bunki

And now for PRACTICAL advice:
>I found with my disks that getting up from the toilet was hard. I learned to
put my hand on the sink and push up or between my legs to push myself up. If
you wipe sitting, stand first and try wiping then . There is also a way to
get out and in your car, if that's a problem. I'm in only one pair of shoes
to keep my back calm but it can be done. Gail

  I'm part of the club too....I have a herniated disk,
got it 10 years ago. The pain comes and goes but it is
livable..lots of stretching and keeping the weight
  It's great you are able to have an assistant! Fat
chance that would ever happen here in my district.
  Take care and see you at NAEA!
   Jan in Miami

Now one from Susan that's on the sad side. It makes me grateful for every day
I have. Thanks, Susan!

>Hi, Marsha! Gee, sorry to hear about you back problem. I hope you are soon
able to resume activity and will not be incapacitated for much longer. A
friend of mine had back surgery for a herniated disc and it did the trick.
Speaking of friends, at 51 yrs. old, having 4 friends (on my street) die
from brain cancer, 2 from breast cancer, and 2 presently undergoing chemo.
And, having lost 5 friends on Sept. 11th at the WTC, I have developed a new
philosophy, trying to keep everything in perspective- If the ailment or
illness is not fatal- if it is treatable, thank God! Maybe not much
comfort for your pain, but if you think of it this way, maybe it will help
you feel less depressed or at least not like you are "falling apart."
Please get well soon, so we can meet in Miami at the NAEA Conference. You
are from Florida (Miami?) , right?? Susan on Long Island

Yes, Art Friends, I will be there at NAEA, God willing! It has been a great
blessing to be in touch with real, caring people during my confinement. I
look forward to my time on the net to read letters from you. I love you guys!