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Re: doing heavy-duty drawing skills


From: KPRS (kprs_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 07:44:16 PST

Hi Bunki
I am interested in this thread because my school is in the process of
designing a 4 part cycling program of music, art, dance and drama (one
marking period each) for sophomores. Why sophomores? Because the state test
in these 'basic' areas will be their junior year, and the powers that be
figure they will forget everything if we offer these 'basics' to them as
freshmen! NJ has passed a core curriculum standard in these areas of 10
hours for graduation, and our school figured they would introduce the basics
and then let them 'elect' their extra 5 credits in one or more of these

Anyway, I am racking my brain (and of course pre worrying) about what
exactly I can cover comprehensively in 9 weeks! Of course my administration
wants to know what EXACTLY is on the HESPA (the state test), so that they
figure that is what I should teach....hmmmmm...The thought that everyone
will be cycling through this program is daunting and awesome at that same
time. I would definitely want to be staddling the line between making them
all into artists and having them all have the experience of what an artist
has to do to create art. Even in my program as it exists now, I am always
consciously aware that I am not in "Arts High", and that "each kid to
his/her own level" may be the ultimate goal. Another trick is I keep the
pace moving, and revisit EVERYTHING from lesson to sequential lesson. By
the end of the my regular semester class they are 'drawing', 'valued', and
'elements and principles of design" ed, out. I am more clever than most of
them, so I half the time they don't even KNOW I am reinforcing those

I know you are 'preworrying' too, about a situation that you are probably
the BEST in. Keep thinking it through, your students are the winners for

San D