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Re: Tissue paper mosaics


Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 17:20:52 PST

Sorry I wasn't clear! RE: tissue paper painting- I ask students to do a
contour drawing in permanent black marker and then apply the tiny (Chicklets
Gum size) torn pieces of tissue paper in the following method: paint of
glue/water mixture, tissue, then final application of glue/water mixture.
For anyone that missed this part it is approximately one part Elmer's type
white school glue to one part water. I mix it by the jug when my refill jug
gets half or three quarters empty.

You definitely want to try this on your own first. The more simple the
contour drawing subject is the better they come out in my experience, at
least at the elementary level. I have done simple still-life subjects with
grades 3-5 with a great deal of success. I have had k-1st use larger tissue
pieces using mostly precut squares to create a more abstract composition. I
used Henri Matisse's Snail (sorry the French spelling escapes me at the
moment) as an exemplar. I would maybe advise this with 2nd graders instead
(to minimize frustration). It can be a bit tricky. Advise students to use
the back of the paintbrush (used to apply glue) to help keep the tissue down.

If this sounds tough (it can be), it has gotten easier every time I have
taught it. I often let students touch up with Colored permanent markers.

More on the still-life project:
I use plastic or real fruit and place it on a 6X6" piece of solid color cloth.

Students draw the one piece of fruit and a line on either side to
differentiate the table from the wall. I use a 6x6" piece of white paper
(heavier is better).

I ask students to choose three colors that are close to use on the fruit.

They apply the colors from light to dark using the above process.

Then they apply one other color of their choice to either the table for a
table cloth or to the wall as the wallpaper or paint.

Allow to dry completely.

Go back in with wide permanent markers (8 pack) and add a pattern to the
opposite space (i.e., wall if they did the table w/ tissue). This is when
they can also touch up contour lines if they wish...

Mount on 7x7" black construction paper.

The colors are jewel-like! I was introduced to this lesson by my cooperating
teacher years ago and have tried quite a few variations inspired by my
sister's artwork.

Email me if you have any questions.