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RE: Election Day--it is almost over


From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 17:29:28 PST

I'd have to dig out my federalist papers to make sure I'm right, but I think
your half right. The two houses of congress were created to balance the
small and big population states. The electoral collage was created in part
because the founding fathers did not trust the voters. They thought many
different people would run from around the country (remember no nightly news
from around the world). The electoral collage would give the citizens some
voice narrowing the choices to 5 and the house would vote (1 vote per state)
for the pres and vp. Remember they came from a parliamentary system in
England. Were members are elected then the group that can get a majority
coalition together forms a government and elects the Prime Minister from
within their own ranks. Remember there was real fear that someone would get
elected president and then declare himself king.

Kimberly Herbert (
CAM Administrator
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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From: MDecker []
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 5:28 PM
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Subject: Election Day--it is almost over

Sorry folks, I didn't read until this evening...but Nader is pro-choice. He
feels the government has no place in making this decision for a woman. The
decision belongs to the woman and her doctor. He may personally be opposed
to abortion--but has a pro-choice political view.

My son decided over the week-end that Nader was the only he
created posters to display all over the school. One of the history teachers
(not knowing Matt created them) said that Nader had the best design staff
(smile). I asked Matt to bring some home so I could send them to my Nader
cyber friends (but---being a normal kid--he forgot...tomorrow may be too
late ;-( sigh).

My students asked me all day who I was voting for (I voted after school
today). All I said was I can not vote for Bush. What ever happened to the
days when your vote was personal?

We were discussing the Electoral College the other night at the dinner
table. Correct me if I am wrong...but it was created to help give the south
a more equal share in the vote. When the Electoral College was created, the
south had a disproportionate share on non voters (or those not permitted to
vote). Electoral College is based on total population (the number a
representatives - plus 2).

Thank you to all who voted for the good of education ----and art
education....We shall see....


P.S. for Lawrence...maybe Joseph could be your running mate in 2004? What a
ticket that would make?! I don't think our ballet had any room for write-in
candidates....or I might have given it a try this year.

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