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RE: jumping into the fray


From: Charlotte (larkspin2000_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 20:55:33 PST

The first year I was old enough to vote I DIDN'T VOTE!!!! I didn't feel that either candidate was worthy. Our nation elected NIXON that year...............need I say more???? Talk about voting your conscience!!!!!

Kimberly Herbert <> wrote:
Actually this debate depends on your state. Since we don't directly elect
the president, but elect the electoral collage, who elect the president. If
your state is a toss up state, then voting for a third party candidate might
get the worse of two evils elected rather than the least offensive. On the
other hand if your state is solidly behind the worse of the two evils, then
voting your conscience can help send a message.

What I find interesting is some reports that one candidate might win
electoral collage and the other might win popular vote. With the increasing
activities of third party candidates this might happen in the future. What
would happen, would the citizens understand (considering how many educated
people don't seem to understand the electoral collage I wonder)? We would
defiantly have a Constitutional amendment to change the system. Did you know
that according to the project vote smart site there are 160 people running
for president?

Kimberly Herbert (
These are my oppinions sent through my personal e-mail

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Ok....I just have to repeat what I said to a friend the other day. A friend
(male) who is voting for Ralph Nadar. I find Mr. Nadar an incredible
candidate. But I cannot vote for him. Because as a woman, artist and
educator I have to be a realist. One of two men will win this contest, Gore
or Bush. I dont' think anyone will dispute this. As the thought of Mr.
winning (no offense to any Republican friends on the list) disturbs me for
all kinds of reasons, I cannot vote my conscience. I have to vote for the
person I need to win from the two viable candidates. See the delima? I
agree voting for Mr. Nadar is not a wasted vote. At least it is a vote,
making a decision. I have decided that I need to support someone who has a
chance at being in the office. Perhaps, next time around I can vote my

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