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Re: unruly class (long and windy)


Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 16:18:27 PST

In a message dated 11/5/00 1:46:02 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I have a class of second graders that has been increasingly disrespectful,
> out of control, rude and can't even sit still long enough to hear the
> directions which adds to the problem. Finally after seeing they were out
> of
> control with a printmaking lesson, I stopped the lesson and gave them 20
> minutes (yup 20) to clean up. All they had to do was put their printmaking
> stuff (rollers and inks) in the sink (I did not ask them to wash them as
> they
> were so out of control) and put artwork on drying rack (with me standing
> there to help them!) It was bedlam...and after 20 minutes....the room was
> a

Just some thoughts for second grade behavior mod........How about assigning
just a few kids (the better behaved ones) as a reward, to collect the
supplies. I suggest actually announcing, " Johnny, I like the way you were
working and following directions, so I'm going to choose you to collect the
brayers." If you can catch a student who is usually unruly being cooperative,
it might really be an effective reward.

Did you call one table at a time to put their work in the drying rack?

I've suggested this before because it really works for me- raffle tickets
and cookie compliments with an overall unruly class. I know, I know, I good
argument can be made for these material rewards- but my philosophy is, if it
works, do it!

Raffle Tickets: Buy the big roll- the kind you can tear in half and put one
in front of the student with good behavior, with the corresponding # in a big
box. Give them out as you catch them being good. You don't even need to say
a word, just the sight of you quietly placing it in front of them is enough.
I have no limit as to how many you can get. The more they collect, the more
chances to win! I always say "You gotta be in it , to win it". They all
want them, and you'll see how fast they will change their behavior. At the
end of class have a drawing for a prize. Funny thing is the prize can be
almost anything. They like the excitement of having their # called.

Cookie Compliments: I got a big clear teddy bear shaped plastic bottle of
animal crackers at BJ's or Price Club (you know, the big warehouse-type
grocery stores) for $4.99 and it lasts forever. I will invite a student or a
whole table to help themselves to a cookie compliment when I am trying to
reinforce good behavior. What these kids won't do for a lousy tiny cookie!

Hope this helps.....Susan on Long Island