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Re: (Barb) WARNING:long & whiny! U may want to delete


Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 22:37:40 PST

Dear Barb,

I'd love to help you, but I'm not too successful myself!

Its the end of the first quarter for me and I was just saying to myself that
I have to rethink EVERYTHING I've ever known that worked for me in the past.

(I would LOVE to see Harry Wong try to be these kids" teacher!)

My simple Do Nows are not working the way they were intended to. (Today my
Do Now said, "Please take out your sketchbook. Copy these notes: Texture is
another element of Art. TACTILE TEXURE: also called actual texture, is the
way a surface would feel if you could touch it. VISUAL TEXTURE can also be
called simulated texture. It is the way a surface appears through your sense
of vision.
List as many types of texture that you can think of: eg. shiny, dull, bumpy,
soft, etc.)"

My students, too have to "settle in to begin working" After a few weeks when
I realized they were all failing, I started to explain how important
participation, HW, projects and quizzes could be to their grades. "Settling
in" to them means that now I, (the Art Nazi), have to go around to EACH
table, tell every 2 kids to take out their sketchbook, copy the notes or the
simple activity thats written on the board, every day, in the same place,
every day for 9 weeks now. I have found that without me to prod them they'd
settle in all morning and willingly take a zero. The students are supposed
to start the class themselves. After a few weeks of them not reading the
board, I began telling them what the board said at the door. I've also tried
going around with my marking book, giving grades on the spot, reminding them
of their responsibilites, sometimes in a patient way, sometimes not.)
ANother common related quote from the kids: "We had homework?" That too is
written on the board in the same place everyday and announced out loud by me.
Another chore 1st period, is getting the whole class to get up for the
Pledge. Most of you just have no idea what these kids could be like!!!)

Our principal has recently directed EVERY teacher to assign 30 minutes of HW
EACH night, in EVERY subject, even on Fridays. This too will be fun for me.
By the time I check attendance, check that they are on task, note the ones
who are not, check HW, check Do NOw, check participation, when do I teach ?

So how can I help you when I can't help myself!

When I had them work on a color-mixing-painting project (the do now was,
"Resume work on your paint project." with no checking HW, and taking
attendance at my leisure, is when they were on task the best. I wonder if I
should just work on projects, and give up the illusion of me me even trying
to be a "real teacher" .... EVERY time I have attempted to do anything more
has backfired with some bad behavior popping up. Disruptive behavior takes
up a lot of my time.

Sorry for another long story....

Holly :0)

n a message dated 11/1/00 8:47:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Hi Holly:
> Any chance I could see some of your "do now" activities? I have a few
> very immature beg. art classes that are a constant challenge every day of
> the week....most of them are in that class for, what they think is going to
> be the "easy" grade....NOT! Today was a better day because I had them begin
> on a specific direction immediately....usually they just get started on the
> project at hand and some like to take their time getting settled. We just
> figured quarter grades and many of them are either getting "D's" and a few
> "F's" because they just can't get it I said it is a group
> with a high number of immature, loud, whinny, freshmen. But, they have
> gotten a "little" better since they first started back in August!!
> THanks!
> Barb F.